NYCC 2016: Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Chucky Gallery


There seems to be a pattern with me and the Horror Bishoujo line. When we first find out about an announcement, I’m skeptical (“cute girl Chucky?” I say to myself. “No thanks.”). The art is unveiled and I’m basically won over because it’s always so good. Then we get the sculpt, and I’m totally in love. It happened with Edward Scissorhands, and it’s happening again with Chucky, who I think I actually like the most of the line so far!

She’s just so adorable but also evil. The knife behind her back? Such a nice touch. Plus she comes with an alternate scarred head if you want a little more horror in your life. The sculpt here is just lovely, and we found out that Tiffany will be done by the same person so the two should fit together perfectly when they’re completed!


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