NYCC 2016: Kotobukiya’s Horror Bishoujo Chucky


I am really surprised by how consistently smitten I’ve been with the Horror Bishoujo line. As a hardcore horror fan it seems right up my alley, but I was hesitant about gender-swapped, sexified versions of my faves. After Edward Scissorhands and Chucky & Tiffany’s art reveal, I knew it was love, and Bishoujo Chucky’s sculpt has just solidified my love for this line.

She’s SO CUTE, guys. The cheeky pose, the amazing job they did on her face, the intricacies of her outfit sculpt, the sneaky knife behind her back… even though I am mortally petrified of dolls coming to life, I want her. I mean, if this little cutie got up and started walking around my apartment I wouldn’t even mind. As long as she keeps the knife to herself. And how creepy is the alternate face? Yes please.


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