NYCC 2016: Kotobukiya’s Ultimate Spider-Man & Spider Gwen Gallery


I was never really a big Spider-Man fan, or Spider-verse fan even. It just wasn’t a comic world that interested me. That changed pretty drastically when they announced Ultimate Spider-Man, aka my bae Miles Morales. Of course it was nice to see more diversity in the comics world, but he’s near and dear to my heart because of how much my brother identifies with and loves this character. He has a lot of things in common with Miles (boarding school, a love of Legos, feeling very different) so it was amazing to have a character he could connect to that strongly.

Of course I’ve been anticipating this figure like crazy since it was first announced. A little baby Miles? Yes please! And as we found out at their panel, his pre-orders have been selling incredibly well (so maybe more Miles merch in the future?!). They also had the ArtFX+ Spider Gwen on display (which I must admit I like a bit more than the Bishoujo). Check them both out below!


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