NYCC 2017: Kotobukiya’s Movie and Video Game Figures

I must admit that there was one reveal I was really hoping for from Kotobukiya this convention: a Bishoujo Pinhead art reveal! Sadly, it was not to be. They did have her info card out, and I feel like we might be getting a Halloween reveal for the design. At least, I hope–it’d be the perfect end cap to Spooktober.

They did have quite a few game and movie Bishoujos, like the gorgeous new Cammy and Decapre, along with the art for Ash Williams. But it wasn’t all Bishoujos–ArtFX Jason was also out and about, along with Freddy’s announcement. I can’t wait to see them together (and displayed with the Freddy & Jason Bishoujos, how cute would that be?). There was also a Resident Evil statue announcement, and I’m really hoping we get a Bishoujo companion to that.


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