NYCC 2017: Kotobukiya’s Star Wars Merchandise

Well, tonight’s a big night for Star Wars fans with the Episode VIII trailer coming out during Monday Night Football, but that said, we can’t forget about the movies that have already come out before it and the merchandise from those! Kotobukiya brought the whole lot of their Episode VII: The Force Awakens ArtFX+ figures including the new and amazing First Order Stormtrooper FN-2199 that comes with a blaster and whatever the electro thing is that he used in his fight with Finn. There were also some new additions to the original trilogy line namely, a Return of the Jedi Luke to go with the Darth Vader that is already released (and seen with Luke, that’s not a new figure for those wondering), and also a new standing Emperor Palpatine and Imperial Guard set.

I’m personally loving the Luke and Vader together as it recreates quite an iconic moment in the series and I’m also loving both Palpatine figures who would be great for randomly placing around your house to scare others. Check out the gallery below and expect even more of an onslaught of figures come next year after Episode VIII is out.


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