NYCC 2017: Max Factory’s Overwatch Genji figma Gallery

I think it came as a big surprise to all of us when Good Smile Company & co snagged the Overwatch license. But they’re really a perfect fit: we get both the cutesy Nendoroids and the articulated, true-to-model figmas. Combine that with Blizzard’s statues and there’s (almost) something for everyone.

The figma line is moving along a bit slower than the Nendoroid one, but that’s to be expected: with the level of detail and articulation you get on a figma, you just can’t pump them out as quickly! And figma Genji is looking really amazing. Just look at that sexy robot body. Though technically he’s a cyborg, right?

What character would you like to see next in the Overwatch figma (or Nendoroid) line? Personally, I want a Nendo Reaper something fierce. Let us know in the comments!


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