NYCC 2017: Max Factory’s Persona 5 Joker figma Gallery

After the years upon years we waited for Persona 5, it’s only fair that we get an absolute metric ton of merchandise from it. I mean, I think at this point we have more P5 figures than P4... which is really saying something. I mean, the game just came out this year! In the US, at least. Waiting for translations is so annoying.

Of course Max Factory was one of the first companies to jump on the P5 hype train. After all, based god MF is the one who gave us a P3 figma. So far we only have Joker in the lineup, but he comes with a little Morgana so it’s kind of like two for the price of one! I’m considering putting Morgana on my alarm clock to give me even less of a reason to wake up. I mean, just imagine it: you roll over in the morning to hit your alarm and are faced with the “it’s time for bed” cat. What’s one more hit of the snooze, right?


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