Oh My Glob, Check Out These Adventure Time Funko Figures


What time is it? Time for Leah to totally miss news about her favorite cartoon! So the info about these cuties went up a while ago but so far pre-orders have yet to appear on any US site so better late than never, right? Usually I don’t pay a ton of attention to Funko’s POP! line but occasionally they feature characters I can’t live without like Jack Skellington and now part of the Adventure Time cast!

We’ve got, of course, Finn and Jake, along with the Ice King, Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess. But no Bubblegum, how surprising! While I think Finn looks a bit, uh, stretched-out the rest of the cast is looking awesome. These should be around $18-15 when they go up, not bad at all. Peppermint Butler next please!

[via ComicsAlliance]


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