Overwatch Nendoroid Mei Joins The Fray

It’s almost time for a new event in Overwatch, aka we all spend our money trying desperately to get the skins we want. But now we have another thing to spend our money on–the next Overwatch Nendoroid! Tracer was cute as a button, and we’ve known since Toy Fair that Mercy & Mei would be next. And sadly (because oh god Mei is my least fave plz stop freezing me) the ice princess is up next.

She comes with some cute accessories, including effect parts for her ice gun and a lil Snowball of course. And I almost can’t resist that smiling face + glasses combo! Mei retails for ¥4,800 and will come out in November.

Pre-order at: HLJ | AmiAmi | GSC


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