Persona 5’s Special Edition Comes With Figures


After years of waiting, we finally have a release date for Persona 5 (in Japan, at least). And you know what that means? THE HYPE TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION. Also, you know, it’s safe for companies to start pumping out figures. You know we’re going to get so many, especially of Anne and Squid-chan. But they’re starting small, with a 2-minifigure bundle that will be part of a special edition.

Morgana and the Protagonist will both be chibified by Toy’s Works for the Famitsu DX Bundle. Which will cost you a cool ¥12,000 for the cheapest option (though there’s one for ¥20,000 if you’ve got cash to blow). Of course we don’t know yet if we’ll be getting this here in the US, but I’m hoping so. I’m also hoping for a September US release, so… we’ll see.

[via Famitsu]


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