Place Your Order With Ichiban Kuji’s Newest Sonico


With the amazing amount of Super Sonico figures on the market, you would think that companies would run out of ideas. But they always churn out something new (and strange)–with Ichiban Kuji and FuRyu probably being the most creative. The newest Banpresto sculpt of her was just inspired: a roller skating bunny waitress. Amazing.

Now she’s painted, and it’s basically an explosion of pastel rainbow. As one would expect, given how colorful her original art always is. I don’t even know what is happening in this figure, but I like it. Cake, bunny ears, pretty colors… I’m sold, or I would be if this was a normal release. Ichiban Kuji is painfully expensive on the aftermarket, but I might be willing to plunk down a chunk of change on this cutie.

[via Banpresto]


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