Plastikitty Asks: How Much Is Too Much For A Figure?

Today we here at Plastikitty would love to have another discussion with you folks, hot on the heels of our Figure Pricing post. This is, in essence, a follow-up to that, and the question is simple: how much is too much for a figure, for you personally?

I used to be of a “as long as I really want it, no price is too high” kind of girl, but as I cut back on ordering and prices skyrocketed I realized that was just no longer true. My first wake-up call was Alter’s ¥24,800 Ranko. Even with discounts, that is around $200 (and you know her shipping is going to be insane). For a 1/7 scale figure. And then, last night, the straw that broke the camel’s back: the TeamUKYO Racing Miku figma (which I have been lusting after for a while) which was revealed to have a shocking ¥8,500 pricetag. For a figma!! That’s too rich for my blood, no matter how much I want her.

So, Plastikitties, what number is your personal “not today, Satan” limit? Does it change based on the type of figure, or how much you like the character? Let us know in the comments!


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