Plastikitty Discussion: 2018 Figure Wishes

It’s a new year, Plastikitties! Time to wipe the slate clean and make a bunch of new resolutions. Of course with figure collecting, where pre-orders are sometimes a year in advance, it can be a little hard to make buying resolutions that will actually come into effect anytime in the near future. But we can always wish for things we want to see!

That’s right, we want to know what figures you are hoping to see in the coming year. Of course Wonder Festival is coming up soon, so some of us might have our wishes granted sooner rather than later. Stephen is hoping for some figures from the gorgeous Mahoutsukai no Yome, and my one wish? For Orchid Seed to paint their damn library girl! But what about you guys? Any characters or shows you have your fingers crossed for? A certain direction you’d like to see a company move in? A new line you hope will be born? For Dollfie prices to get cut in half? Please let us know in the comments! >^.^<


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