Plastikitty Discussion: How Much Is Too Much?


There is no denying that figure prices have been on a steady and noticeable climb in the past few years. Belldandy was not a fluke, it sadly seems, but the start of an unfortunate trend towards sky-high retail pricetags. With figure prices showing no signs of slowing down, almost all of us have had to make some very tough decisions: more money per figure means less figures, of course.

But I think we were all shocked by the insane price Max Factory stuck on their Benten: ¥24,00. Which is totally insane, even given the size and detail. Of course a lot of people will go for him regardless. Personally, we are on the fence: it’s a gorgeous figure, but is he $200 after discounts + insane shipping fees worth of gorgeous?

This got me thinking: are there any figures I would be willing to spend that much on? Maybe PVC releases of some truly amazing garage kits, or re-releases of ones I’ve been drooling over (wedding Azusa, yes please!). So, Plastikitties, what do you think? What is the absolute maximum you’d be willing to spend on a figure, and how special would it have to be to get you to drop that much dough?


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