Plastikitty Gallery: Alter’s 1/8 Momohime

It’s about time Stephen and I put up some of our older photoshoots onto the site! Momohime definitely qualifies: her shoot was 2 years ago. But for both of us she marked an important milestone, a turning point of sorts for how we worked on galleries.

Leah: While we certainly took figure reviews seriously before, Momo was a first in many ways. For one, she was the first figure Stephen shot in RAW. It was also the first time we’d done a gallery shoot rather than a review one (meaning no box shots, detail shots, etc) so I really put a lot more thought into her surroundings and positioning. We did a lot of risky things with her (like balancing her on a leaf 6 feet above the ground!), a theme that’s definitely continued in our outdoor shoots. Momo taught us that risks really pay off: I think this still remains my favorite shoot we’ve ever done!

Stephen: Considering that the shot used in the header here has been my background on my laptop ever since this shoot really says quite a bit about this. I also remember distinctly that the set of shoots I did this day was the first time I bothered really trying out my 50mm lens, which was a world of difference from my kit lens. Couple that with Leah’s aunt’s gorgeous land and this shoot just flowed. Surprisingly, this shoot was actually two and not one as all of the waterfall shots were done in a different location on another day, and that’s something that I’ve had very other figures be able to do: inspire me enough to shoot them more than once and in multiple locations. Now that we’re in the concrete jungle of New York City every day it makes me sad that I can’t do shoots like this more often as the feel here is just so other-worldly and magical, so enjoy!

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