Plastikitty Gallery: Amakuni’s Santa Satan


Santa Satan,

Just slip some demons under the tree for me,

I’ve been an awful good hellspawn~

Twas the night before Christmas, and here at Plastikitty we were taking pictures of butts and worshiping Santa Satan. All part of the holiday spirit, right? And what’s more Christmas-y than Santa? Nothing, except maybe Satan from 7 Deadly Sins in some sweet Santa cosplay. This Amakuni figure was destined to be mine from the moment I saw her: I mean, it’s Satan and that alone is enough to sell me, but she also happens to be hella cute. And Christmas figures are such a weakness of mine! So we took her out for a romp under the tree. I had a lot of fun shooting her (even though I had to wiggle around on the ground a lot), so check out all our shots in the gallery below.

Happy holidays from Plastikitty!


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