Plastikitty Gallery: Good Smile Company’s Tell Your World Miku Hatsune

Tell Your World Miku Gallery Header

It’s been a while since we’ve had a gallery or review of a Miku figure on the site, but now that summer is officially here and Good Smile Company’s Tell Your World Miku showed up, it felt like a perfect time to bring a Miku out for a shoot. Tell Your World Miku has one of my favorite sculpts of a Miku figure in a while featuring great detail and winding tendrils of her twintails and she has such a soft, yet introspective face that conveys a wide variety of emotions depending on the angle.

Tell Your World Miku is rather dainty and tiny for the 1/8th scale that she is, but that seems to be more of Sakurako’s sculpting style than anything else. And it’s not necessarily a negative either; it really makes her look that much more fragile in these shots, which looks great in all honesty. When we saw that the colors of the flowers out front were pretty much identical to the pattern on her dress Leah and I had to take her out for a few quick pictures. Hit the jump to check them out!


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