Plastikitty Gallery: Huck Gee’s Gold Life

Huck Gee’s Gold Life Dunny series has had quite a lot of hype surrounding it recently, and when I found out that Kidrobot NY would be getting these little guys in early, I was on the first train I could get on after the hurricane to go pick up a case and the Kabuki set. Today, I decided to take all of the ninjas, samurais, animals, and geishas outside to let them be back in their natural habitat. You can see some battling between the animals, a happy monk, and some badass samurais all in the gallery below. I’m really happy with how this series turned out and that I’m only missing two designs (the red samurai and the elusive Tarzo), which makes purchasing a case well worthwhile. I think my favorite of the set is Samurai Hicks, but Golden Claw is a very close second and the Wayward Life Monk always puts a smile on my face. There’s also a bonus picture hidden in there featuring another one of Huck’s designs as well, so be on the lookout for that. So go hit the gallery and get a very close look at the Huck Gee Gold Life Dunny series before it drops everywhere tomorrow at Kidrobot stores and Kidrobot retailers worldwide.


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