Plastikitty Gallery: Max Factory’s Tomo Asama


Some days I wake up, eat some cereal, check the figure news and write up posts for the site. Other days I wake up and think “hey it’d be fun to shoot Max Factory’s Tomo like she was underwater… or in space… or both! But I have none of the equipment to do these things! Let’s use tissue paper and glitter!” I dunno, her face just gives me that “I’ve fallen (in space) and I can’t get up! Someone save me” vibe. So with some creative lighting and an overambitious concept, away I went. Into… the abyss! Of her boobs. Wow, they’re so much more massive in person than I had imagined. Geeze, honey, your back must be KILLING you.

Tomo is far from a spotlight-stealing figure. Her quality is okay, the sculpt is decent with some issues (the hair is kind of awful given her price point). There are high points (the latex finish is perfect, her butt is even more perfect) and low points (the stupid bow won’t stay in her hands AT ALL), but I find myself terribly fond of her. Probably because I now imagine her drifting in space, boobs akimbo. Also her face is so cute! As you can tell, my standards for liking a figure are very high, with a rigorous qualification system. It involves spreadsheets and points distribution. You can check her out in the gallery, and if she steals your heart with her bodacious charms she’s quite easy to find on the aftermarket: originally she went on sale (sigh), but at the moment she’s (finally!) sold out at most stores, so you will have to get a pre-owned one!


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