Plastikitty Loot: July 2011

Once again we’re quite behind with our loot post, but that seems to be a regular thing around here! June’s loot was posted 2 months late, in August, so it seems fitting to have July’s in September. Plus we don’t even have 2/3rds of the August order in! The main reason for the delay on this was trying to get all of the SDCC loot together, which came to us in odd ways. Some, mostly resin pieces, we took on the plane back with us, but several were shipped and took a while to arrive.

But the SDCC loot is going to have to be saved for another post, as one of the pieces has mysteriously gone missing! Stephen and I are currently in the process of moving and packing up the collection, so things are a bit hectic. Heck, we’ve received 2 different shipments of August goods that haven’t even been unboxed! Poor little figures, trapped in plastic. But for now, let’s look at the loot that has made it onto shelves (for the most part), because July was a great month for figures!

Top Row: Hello Kitty x Airou Sticker Packs | Rilakkumen Re-Ment | Alter 1/8 Summer Rin | Airou & Pig Magnet Plushes | Dracky Vinyl | Airou Glass

Middle Row: FuRyu Cerberus | Yagyu Jubei Nendoroid | Nxy Nendoroid | Erika Sendou Beach Queen | AlphaMax 1/7 “Amorous” Tamaki | Airou Village 2 Box Set

Bottom Row: FuRyu Lucifer | Alter Charlotte | Max Factory Xiao-Mei

This is my AmiAmi order for the month, and it’s a bit small compared to Stephen’s. I tend to get a lot more goods and smaller figures! Lots of Airou goods, because I’m kind of obsessed. Also, notice that Charlotte is facing away so you get a prime viewing angle.

Top Row: Cube Kyuubey Plush | Summer Yotsuba Revoltech | Pikachu Model Kit | Yomi Figma | Strength Nendoroid (x3)

Second Row: Kuroneko Figma | On-chan Nendoroid | AlphaMax 1/7 “Innocent” Tamaki

Third Row: Maron=Makaron Figma Bundle | Orchid Seed Elf Second Color Version | Alter 1/8 Summer Saber Lily | AlphaMax Soniko | Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Miku (x2) | EVA-03 Revoltech

Bottom Row: FREEing 1/4 Mugi | Clayz Saber | Kotobukiya Aya Shameimaru | Good Smile Company Kanbaru

In Front: SK Japan Little Busters Petit Nendoroids | Bandai Figuarts ZERO Bepo

Stephen’s AmiAmi order, which is a heck of a lot bigger! The “big deal” figures usually end up in his, like GSC’s Kanbaru and the two Mikus (one of which will eventually become Snow Miku). But we got some smaller, goofy things this month too, like the Yotsuba re-release and the Pikachu kits!

Leah’s Figure Of The Month: Xiao-Mei, hands down. She’s one of my favorite figures ever, so this was an easy decision!

Stephen’s Figure Of The Month: Orchid Seed’s Elf as she’s just so unique and different. I just recently shot her to review as well and she just looks so pretty and all of the new changes really make this one amazing figure.

This month was an odd one for figures–there were a lot of releases, but not all of it really “stood out.” That’s not to say that there were bad figures, many of them are really spectacular, but this month just didn’t pack the oomph of June for me. However, it’s hard to be unhappy with a pile of 31 figures!


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