Plastikitty Loot: June 2011

It’s kind of amazing to see how far you have come as a collector in one year. In June of 2010, Stephen and I received 3 PVC figures in the mail: VN02 Miku, Black Blade BRS, and a trading figure of Akira from Lucky Star. VN02 was also one of our first big figure purchases, and the first we’d ever purchased with a retail of over ¥9,800.

We’d just started pre-ordering figures 3 months earlier, so getting 3 figures at once was still kind of a big deal. Looking back, it’s kind of startling how fast our collecting has grown. We had 45 figures in our June orders, so hit the jump to get started!

Top: Banpresto Mine | Griffon Chen | GID Unpainted Fenton | Air-force Jiei-tan Nendoroid | Griffon Ran | Totori Nendoroid | Exclusive Kirino BQ | Movable Airou

Middle: Gothic & Lolita Raquels | Griffon Ellis | Figma Makise | Gift Saber Lily | Summer Noumi Nendoroid | ques Q Tiger Taiga | Alter Gotou | Figma Dorothy | Rathalos Cup | Tamaki Mug

Bottom: 25th Anniversary Slime | Daiki Ryomou | E2046 Saber Lovely Maiden | Alter Houmei | Erika Nendoroid | GSC Rin | Winter Noumi Nendoroid | Airi Nendoroid | White In Black

This was the first half of Stephen’s order, my entire order, and some exclusives that finally reached us. The AmiAmi box with the slime was gigantic, bigger than their usual EMS boxes. It must have been 3 feet long! I think the postman is getting suspicious about what we get in the mail…

Top: Lynette Nendoroid | DX Ika Musume BQ | GID Ika Musume BQ | Tamaki & Konomi Nendoroids | Alpha x Omega Lina | Alter Fate Special Edition | Griffon Sanae | Taito Ika Musume

Middle: Riela Nendoroid | Griffon Hello Kitty | Rathalos Movable Airou | Alter’s Kazuma & King Kazma | Panty & Stocking Nendoroids | MegaHouse Kenshin

Bottom: GSC Black Gold Saw | Native Chie | Orchid Seed Al Azif | MegaHouse Battousai Kenshin | Soniko Cushion Cover

The second half of Stephen’s order was a lot smaller, but it had some awesome figures in it! Chie was probably the biggest surprise, though. Two separate boxes, and the bathtub is made from actual stone. Must have cost a fortune to ship from Japan!

Leah’s Figure of the Month: If I had to pick one, it would be Rin, but there were so many amazing figures in June. Al Azif, Black Gold Saw, and Houmei all rank among my favorites!

Stephen’s Figure of the Month: Too many things that were awesome this month, but Black Gold Saw really stands out. That and the 1:1 scale Slime. He’s just so big and adorable and was so cheap!

That’s it for our June loot! I think we got a pretty good haul this month, even though no Tamakis were in it! Also, I have decided to call June “Epic Butt Month.” The combination of Gotou, Ryomou, Rin, Chie, and Al Azif was almost too bootytastic!


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