Plastikitty Loot: NYCC 2012

We wrapped up our New York Comic Con coverage a few days ago, but of course photos weren’t the only thing that came home with me & Stephen from the convention! Loot is one of the main lures for toy fans, and NYCC certainly had exclusives to spare. Seemingly every booth in the Cultyard had several exclusives up for offer, and while we went in planning to only nab a few we ended up with more than we bargained for! So hit the jump to check out our tasty loot haul for NYCC.

Let’s go from smallest to biggest! We ended up only getting one thing from two booths: the Agent K Dunny from Kidrobot, and the amazingly adorable Kami from Frombie. Kami was my purchase and Agent K was Stephen’s: I think they show off our different taste in vinyl pretty well!

Both of our purchases from ESC-Toy were definitely impulse buys. Well, Stephen seemed to have his heart set on Chap-Lynn, so I guess I’m not too surprised about that one. But Aldara took us by surprise–the Purple Ooze colorway looked totally different in the original images, we didn’t expect it to be clear! And you know that’s my weakness.

From Tenacious Toys we ended up with three goodies. The Yeti Android was an impulse get, as were the Greads. Stephen and I LOVE Greads, especially the clear ones, but we didn’t even know they’d be at NYCC! I think the rainbow Gread is the prettiest one Lysol has come up with so far. They just look edible, like gummies!

Of course we couldn’t go to a NYC convention without picking up some Mini Tuttz from Argonaut Resins! We ended up with three beauties this time: a Halloween mini, a Siamese, and a gorgeous clear peachy Tuttz. Our army has now grown to 37! We should be doing an updated collection post of those cuties in the near future.

We also picked up some stuff from Kotobukiya. Both Bishoujo Storms (which we’ll be reviewing!), along with their cute Yoda and a Danboard kit which we’ve been meaning to purchase for a long time! Oh, and an awesome icecube tray for a single, massive Death Star.

Our biggest haul, though, was from myplasticheart! Since we have a lot here, I’ll go through them all individually.

First up, the adorable Halloween Pocket Dumplings. Stephen and I own almost every version of these, aside from the blind boxed series, so how could we resist two more for such a low price?

Paul Shih’s Sunshine Bevil. This was another unplanned purchase: while we really didn’t intent to get any big things due to our tight budget, we saw him on preview night and just had to get him. I mean, look at that face. Amazing!

This was probably my most anticipated release, the Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat! This is one of my all-time favorite vinyl sculpts, and this colorway is just… hnnng! I’m in love.

Last but most certainly not least, our two Cranny Cran Cranstons. There’s the Ghost Blossom Junior, and our first unpainted colorway (GID) from the Wing Fang Club. I love this figure so much, it’s just perfection. Adorable, devilish perfection.

And here’s all of the loot together. I’m really pleased with our haul this year. While I’m sure it doesn’t seem like it, Stephen and I have gotten quite picky about our vinyl collection recently, and all of these pieces fit in seamlessly with the rest of our figures. In fact, most of them have found homes on our shelves already! Did you pick up any goodies from NYCC? Let us know in the comments!


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