Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

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Kotobukiya’s Commander Shepard Bishoujo has certainly been a much talked about figure since she was first announced. Usually a Bishoujo is shown off, we get the prototype shots, and eventually she is released. But Shepard seemed a constant buzz of activity! We got to take an up close look at her two times, she got a recolor right off the bat, and of course there are the much-discussed changes to her face.

Even their Liara didn’t stir up as much controversy and intensity, but given her high-profile origin and the fact that, you know, she’s the main character I suppose that’s to be expected! But could the final release live up to the hype? Hit the jump to find out!

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Look, a box! Like many of the more high-profile Bishes of late (like Jaina) she has a sleek black design as opposed to the usual white.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Since I’ve pretty much exhausted the topic of Femshep’s changes, we’re not going to be going over that yet again here. No matter your feelings on the subject this is the figure we ended up with and this is a review so let’s get started!


We’ll start with the face, since in my opinion that is generally the most important part of a figure and certainly the hardest to get right! She looks more like her in-game model than Shunya’s art, which I suppose is neither a negative or positive feature in and of itself. But her face came out great, with no paint fudges to speak of. In particular, her lips are really pretty: many figures have just slashes for a mouth or wide-open smiles but FemShep has a more pronounced, Western design to her lips.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Fitting for the character, FemShep’s pose is assertive but not aggressive, showing strength without being too in-your-face about it. It’s also a decidedly un-T&A pose, focusing instead on a strong battle-ready stance. This is the exact opposite of what we usually get from Shunya, but as he showed us with Jaina he’s totally capable of doing beautiful ladies who aren’t all about the butt.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

FemShep is a big departure from your normal PVC figure. Aside from her face she’s not showing an inch of skin, and she’s got practical armor from head to toe. In fact, I don’t think I have a single other female figure this armored up: Saber comes closest, but she’s got a skirt. Aside from the space for her breasts (which in reality would kill you if you suffered a blow to the chest, but don’t tell designers that), she’s about as un-sexual as you can be. Which, if you’re about to shoot an alien in the face, is preferable.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Butt shot! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It’s a problem, really. I need professional help for my butt-shot addiction.

On a more serious note, this angle shows off the phenomenal detail on her armor. They’ve done a great job replicating the feel of the game designs along with their practicality.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Look, her… weapon thing! Okay, okay, I have a confession: I didn’t actually play any of the ME games myself. I watched my dad play them. So I know plots and characters but I zoned out for things like point distributions and weaponry. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Leah, your dad is way cooler than you are!” You don’t have to rub it in, I know! ;~;

Anyway, weapon-thingy (my new nickname for it) is pretty awesome. Probably because I am addicted to PVC and the past few Bish releases haven’t had much of it, putting me into withdrawl.


You can switch out her blade for a gun! Yeah that’s right I know what a gun is. I will even hazard a guess that it is a M55. I know, psychic powers! Anyway, the gun is nice but I like her blade better since it gives it a more sci-fi vibe. Not that head to toe futuristic armor isn’t sci-fi enough, but a gun just seems tame in comparison.

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

What’s this, a base that doesn’t take up any more space than the figure itself?! What a crazy idea. If only some other companies though this way *cough*GRIFFON*cough*

You can also swap out the decal, leave it blank or even draw something of your own to put in there! Me, I’m going to print out a picture of kittens for her base. It just seems so fitting.


Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard


Kotobukiya’s 1/7 Mass Effect Bishoujo Commander Shepard

All silliness aside, FemShep is a great figure that I think will please both hardcore Mass Effect fans and (to a lesser extent) Sunya fans as well. She’s badass as hell and doesn’t sacrifice safety for design. In fact, she’s got just about the most practical armor design I’ve ever seen, yet still manages to look totally cool. Imagine that, an armored female with no skin exposed who still manages to be appealing! Now that she’s released, I am wondering what the next in the Mass Effect line will be. Tali, Miranda, or perhaps the overall drama of FemSheps’ release means she will be the last? I certainly hope not, since the series has so much potential to draw from!

Thanks as always to Stephen Donaldson for taking these shots! FemShep was fun to shoot, mainly because of her rotating head which allowed us some creativity in posing towards the end of the set. There aren’t many static figures you can set up to look like they’re about to punch someone coming around the corner!

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Plastikitty with this review sample]


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