Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s ArtFX J 1/7 Yami Yugi

Figure collecting is rarely a nostalgic experience for me. I have watched a lot of older anime, but it doesn’t often get figures and if it does… well, they’re usually not that great. So my excitement was through the roof when Kotobukiya first announced a figure of Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh. I spent so many hours watching the show and playing the card game (and several of the video games!), not to mention the Abridged Series. Finally being able to own a figure of him was like a dream, but does the spiky-headed Pharaoh live up to expectations? Hit the jump to find out!

Yugi’s box is BIG! His cape and hair take up a lot of space, but at least they’ve made it interesting to look at with a super sparkly gold inside. Add in the purple-pink ombre front and you’ve got a damn snazzy box!

Depending on how “dressed up” you want your Yugi, he takes a bit of assembling. His head pops off to put on the jacket and Millennium puzzle, and his arm band needs to be removed to put on the duel disk. Then the cards have to be placed in his hand. None of it is really that difficult, but to be careful when removing his head so you don’t get any paint transfer!

Yami Yugi is in a pretty classic “I am going to kick your ass… by playing a children’s card game!” pose. Because what could be more threatening than an Egyptian king trapped in the body of a midget kid with spiky hair? Nothing, right? I mean, look at how fierce he is. You work it, Yugi!

Yu-Gi-Oh has a pretty unique art style, with the usual giant anime eyes given a spin by making them very pointy. This artist sure likes pointy stuff, huh? Anyway, Kotobukiya captured Yugi’s look perfectly, heavy eyeliner and all! He looks menacing in a “male model” kind of way. I love the slight smirk, it adds to the overall cockiness of his pose.

Yugi’s look is kind of all about the hair. I’ve always wondered what is going on here: I mean, this has to be the wackiest hair design in anime, though maybe Jessie gives him a run for his money. It’s rendered perfectly here in all its bizarre glory. And while shading is minimal on the front part, it really fits the art style of the show.

They really went all out on his hairdo, with his signature purple-to-red back recreated with some really nice shading. The sculpting is simple but crisp, though it gets more complex on his outfit. The jacket in particular is very nicely done, and doesn’t suffer from the odd proportions a lot of “flying in the wind” clothing has. In fact, it definitely looks like he could put it on with no size issues.

You can remove his jacket and duel disk if you’d like a better view of his, uhh, ensemble. Because girls love bondage slaves! They’ve recreated his slim physique well, and while I prefer him with the jacket he does look nice and sleek without it. You can also take off the Millennium puzzle if you want to recreate that episode where he gave it away to a random fortune teller!

I don’t know why there’s a trend towards shiny pants, but I kind of like them on Yugi. They look latex-y, but given the fact that he’s wearing chains and a collar it kind of fits! Also, they used a really gorgeous shade of blue that really compliments the primary colors in his hair.

The backs of Yugi’s cards are printed correctly, but the fronts are kind of blank. They have the spacing for a name and image, but it’s just black! I suppose you could print out tiny images and make them whatever cards you wanted, but you can’t really see the fronts from any reasonable viewing angle.

Yugi’s base is faux concrete, presumably from Battle City. It’s got some cool bumps and cracks, and while it’s not an overly elaborate base I’m happy they didn’t go with a boring disk. This one looks more “natural” and matches the fact that Dark Magician Girl has a magic circle for a base.

Of course Yugi isn’t the first figure in this line: Dark Magician Girl came first! It’s really great to have Yugi and one of his monsters, I can’t wait to finish off the set with Dark Magician.

The first printing of Yugi also comes with a bonus, a Millenium Puzzle keychain! It’s got all the detail you’d expect, and is a really nice extra.

Yugi is a simple figure, but for a fan of the show it’s absolutely perfect. The hair, the outfit, the goofy eyes, the cards, the puzzle, it’s all recreated so well! I am really pleased with how he came out: sure, the sculpt isn’t the most complex and the pose is simple, but the paint and finish are executed very well and it’s the ideal Yami Yugi.

Thanks to Stephen for taking these shots, and to my brother for lending me some cards! I seem to have misplaced mine sadly enough, now I miss my awesome deck. The idea for Yugi’s shoot was probably the easiest to come up with. I mean, what else can you use but cards and a Shadow World-type backdrop?  I guess a scale model of Battle City would have worked, or maybe Pegasus’ fabulous island. Hint hint: I want a Pegasus figure! With a miniature copy of Spice World, of course.

While Yugi seems sold out almost everywhere, the exclusive repaint/resculpt is up for sale at KotoUS for only $69.99!

[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Plastikitty with this review sample]


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