Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo Evil Supergirl

When I reviewed the original Supergirl, I liked her a lot but she didn’t rank among my favorite Bishoujo simply because I am not a huge fan of her character. The sculpt was great, I loved the clear hair, but she’s just a bit too goody-goody for my taste. Naturally, I found myself far more drawn to the evil version of her that was shown off. I mean, who doesn’t love a girl in black makeup who looks like she is going to punch you in the face?

Evil Supergirl, like many of the repaints in this line, was announced as a limited run. And with only 1,500 pieces, she pretty much flew off the site when Kotobukiya put her up for pre-order! However, 360 figures of this dark vixen were available for sale at San Diego Comic Con, along with several other exclusive Bishoujo figures. So,  hit the jump to check out this evil beauty in action and see if she’s worthy of her exclusive nature!

I have all of Kotobukiya’s exclusive Bishoujo figures, and they seem to follow the same pattern — the box is the same as the standard edition with a sticker slapped on to announce its limited/exclusive nature. While I wish we could get some art of Evil Supergirl, I’m not really going to complain as it’s not as if I am displaying her in the box!

The first thing that popped out to me when I saw Evil Supergirl was how rich the blacks on her outfit are. For some reason, figure makers seem to struggle with having truly black outfits. This was clear with both Alter and Max Factory’s Mios, which totally missed the mark on the coloration of her outfit. However, Supergirl does not fail to deliver, as her outfit is a deep, shiny black that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this figure, let’s take a look at her side by side with the original release. The most obvious difference is the color of their outfits, and the fact that even Streaky got a wardrobe change! Evil Supergirl also has some pretty menacing makeup that totally changes her expression, and her hair is a much lighter blonde. last but not least she was given some new sculpting, and her outstretched hands turned into fists!

Evil Supergirl’s makeup swap makes her look completely different, even though the actual sculpt of her face was not altered. She looks more menacing than her light-hearted counterpart, especially with that black lipstick! They also got rid of the pink shading around the eyes that seemed to bother some people.

The light blonde hair really works with her new colors, especially because it makes the faded tips all the more prominent. She really does have gorgeous hair, and it’s some of their best use of clear PVC so far.

One critically important change was the color of her panties, which are now metallic silver. Yes, folks, I know you were all worried about the panty color!

I didn’t really talk about Supergirl’s boots when I first reviewed her, and that is mainly because I felt like they didn’t stand out very much. With the glossy black, it’s a completely different story. I think the black really stands out against her creamy white skin, which is a bit paler than the original release. Bad girls always seem to be either very tan or deliciously pale!

I feel like pretty much every aspect of this figure was improved with the new color combo. I loved her cape before, but the black with silver lining and the red underside is just gorgeous!

EVIL STREAKY! He’s so cute, even with an evil cape.

One thing that didn’t change between the two releases was the coloration of the base. It would have been kind of nifty to have them stormcloud-gray, but there are enough awesome changes for me to not really care about that. In any case, the purple and pink look great with the black outfit!

While the first release of Supergirl was good, I can’t help but feel that Evil Supergirl is a much better figure overall. The striking color scheme really makes her pop, and the new sculpting details stand out amongst the mostly passive Bishoujo line. The small issue with her eye color was also fixed, which I am sure will be a relief for fans who were put off by it. All in all, Evil Supergirl ranks among my favorites in the line, and if you can manage to get your paws on this limited beauty, go for it!

Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these shots. We had slightly different plans for her shoot, but we ended up in Oregon with the awesome Chris Hansbrough, so we had to improvise. As luck would have it, the exploding-blood flowers ended up looking a lot cooler than our original plans!

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing us with this review sample]


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