Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo Diamond Emma Frost

So the new X-Men movie was pretty decent, and the only thing that really bugged me (aside from the brutal mispronunciation of Azazel) was Emma Frost. Emma is supposed to be a strong-willed, feisty woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone, not a insipid, tacky yes-woman for Kevin Bacon. But the worst thing about Emma? Definitely her “diamond” form, which was more like a chrome-plated form. Seriously, guys, special effects have come a little farther than that!

Thankfully, Kotobukiya recently unveiled their sleek, sexy and diamond-tastic version of Emma to take the bad memory of Chrome Emma away. Remember the original, yellowish version we saw back at Toy Fair? Well, they certainly came a long ways from that! Diamond Emma is, not surprisingly, a Diamond Comic exclusive for SDCC (booth #2401) with a run of 1500 pieces. Unlike some of their other SDCC releases, she is not available online through Kotobukiya. As such, there haven’t been many preview shots of her, but never fear, Tomopeeps! We’re here to bring you an early look at this icy lady, so hit the jump to get started!

Diamond Emma has the same exact box as regular Emma, as we’ve come to expect with Koto exclusives. However, mine is missing the traditional SDCC sticker! From shots I have seen elsewhere, the boxes will be coming with a sticker. I guess mine is just special?

I love clear PVC. In fact, just a little bit at the tips of a figure’s hair is enough to get me rabidly excited, so I am sure you can imagine my reaction to Diamond Emma when I first unboxed her. There might have been drool or foaming at the mouth with excitement.

Here she is next to the first version of Emma. The only thing that has really changed is … well, her entire body! Her skin and hair are crystal-clear PVC now, and thus she’s lacking the painting and shading that original Emma had. It’s quite a shocking difference when you see them together!

Double boob grab!

Okay, now back to the serious stuff …

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this figure is her face, or rather her lack of a face. While the eyes, mouth, and nose are all sculpted there’s no paint. It may not be entirely realistic, but it definitely enhances the “diamond” effect they were going for.

Without the usual distractions of painting and shading, the sculpt is really left to stand on its own. Thankfully Emma has a great one, especially in her hair. There are plenty of individual stands sculpted, enough to stand out even without the usual shading to highlight them.

Emma’s also got some great muscle definition on her torso, so it looks great even in clear PVC!

One oddity of casting an entire body in clear plastic is that the internal mechanisms used to hold the figure are no longer hidden by tinted PVC and paint. You can make out the peg in Emma’s torso that connects it to her legs, but it’s subtle enough to not be distracting when she is on display.

Emma’s cape is still the same gorgeous piece of work that it was on the first release. In fact, I think it looks even better on Diamond Emma as the blue shading really works in harmony with her clear skin. While the plastic used for her body isn’t actually tinted, it appears rather blueish in the light.

Emma’s base is the same as the first release, aside from the paint being ever-so-slightly darker. She is screwed in so she comes as one solid piece and you don’t have to worry about assembling her!

While the original Emma is one of my favorite Bishes, her release was met with a few complaints. Most, if not all of them, revolved around her face, which didn’t quite live up to some people’s expectations. But much like Evil Supergirl, Diamond Emma improves upon the flaws of the first version. The face is certainly “fixed” and I love the clear PVC even more than Emma’s original paint job. She’s available both online and at the convention, and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up this release before she flies off the shelves!

Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these shots, and to Chris H for holding her up for half the shoot! This was truly a team effort, since I held her for the second half. Yes, Emma is so awesome that it took three people to tame her!

Available Now At: Entertainment Earth

[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing us with this review sample!]


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