Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s Marvel Bishoujo SDCC Sue Storm

Kotobukiya really seems to be on a roll with their SDCC releases. Last year, they had just White Phoenix, but this year we have Evil Supergirl, Diamond Emma Frost, and a special version of Sue Storm! At only 500 pieces, she is certainly the most limited of the bunch, but I was so enamored with the use of clear PVC on the original that I was uncertain how I felt about this totally opaque Sue.

But fans seemed to generally like the newer rendition more, and the retro vibe of her outfit and that adorable pixie haircut slowly began to grow on me. Would all of these changes make up for the Invisible Woman no longer being invisible? Hit the jump to find out!

Sue’s box has, of course, the SDCC sticker we’ve all come to expect. Other than that it’s the same as the original, with sturdy packaging and the standard Bishoujo box design.

Once Sue was out of the box I was really struck by just how retro she looks. The outfit she has on is from the ’80s, but it just screams ’70s superheroine to me. It’s a nice change of pace from the more modern-looking outfits most of the Bishoujo line wears.

Compare the two side-by-side and you can see how different they really are. In fact, almost everything but the pose has been changed. Sue has some new sculpting elements with the shorter hair (which is also a different color) and the different hand, but a whole lot more changed as well. The black accents for her suit were changed to white, and the blue is also slightly different. The clear PVC was eliminated, and even the PVC on the “force field” on the base seems more opaque. Speaking of the base, it got a complete color change as well!

One of the most noticeable changes for me was the face. While it’s still the same and nothing has really changed, aside from a slightly more pink skintone, it looks radically different with that hair style. It loses some of the long, horsey-ness of the original, and it seems a bit slimmer as well.

Because Sue no longer has long hair, they had to change her hand. It’s now pointed in a rather cutesy and decidedly Japanese pose. I think it actually looks more natural than the hair-holding, plus it’s rather adorable! She also has fingerless gloves, which is perhaps the most prominent “retro” aspect of her design.

The white accents work very well with the blue of her suit, in fact I think they look a lot better than the original black as they really make her outfit pop. The black is definitely sleeker, but the white makes her stand out more on a shelf.

Yes, Sue still has a wonderful butt, and the white belt seems to accentuate it even more!

Sue’s legs might not be clear anymore, but the solidity really puts her pose in focus. It’s very Shunya and very pinup, with one leg raised coyly and her hips cocked. While I’ll admit that I do miss the clear, I really like the different effects that these pieces have. With the first release, it’s all about the clear parts, but here the eye pays more attention to small details like the angle of her foot and her sly expression.

The base was changed to a bright, mossy green, which helps to even further highlight the gorgeous blue of her suit. A lot more focus is put on the colors in this release, and the blue/green/white works splendidly together.

After being able to look over all three of Kotobukiya’s SDCC releases and premiers, I have to say that they did a fantastic job not only making alternate versions of their figures but actually improving upon the initial releases. The new Sue may not have her clear parts, but the added details more than make up for that. She’s going to be a bit harder to get than the other two releases, but she’s well worth the trouble!

Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these pictures! Sue was a blast to shoot, and she has a much more “cutesy” vibe than most of the line. I think she looks right at home in the daisies! Also, thanks to Chris H. for letting us borrow his Sue for the comparison shots. This way we didn’t have to drag ours all the way across the country!

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing us with this review sample]


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