Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s Movie Bishoujo Ghostbusters Lucy

Up until February, the Bishoujo line was strictly comics-only, and even the addition of DC characters seemed like a radical (but welcome) change. Then they announced several new lines, most recently with Tekken Bishoujo. The first new Bishoujo line focuses around movies, not games or comics, and the announcement of a Ghostbusters Bishoujo was met with quite some controversy. There was an outcry against female versions of male characters and the interpretation of Janine, but it turned out that the Ghostbusters Bish was neither of these things! She was a new character named Lucy.

I’ll admit that I was a bit neutral about the announcement. It was a cool idea, but I’ve never been a huge Ghostbusters fan. However, I was pretty curious about how she would stack up to the Marvel and DC lines. Would she be in scale? Would the quality be as nice? Hit the jump to find out!

The Bishoujo line is known for having some pretty, well, boring boxes. Thankfully they changed some of the design for Lucy! She’s got a sleek black box and neon green detailing, which really makes it stand out.

She also requires a bit of assembly. Unlike many of the figures in the line she’s not screwed in to her base, so she needs to be placed on it, and she also has some accessories. Her gun needs to be put in her hand and the goggles are attached by popping of her head and putting them on

Well, upon getting her out of the box my first concern was alleviated. Lucy is perfectly in scale with the newer Marvel Bishoujos and the DC line. In fact, the entire design seems to fit right in! I was a bit worried about displaying her with a bunch of superheroines, but she looks right at home with them.

Lucy’s face is one of the most accurate so far to Shunya’s illustration. It’s got his signature thick lashes and she’s got an adorable doe-eyed look. I think the face came out better in the final version than the prototype, which had her pupils lined up a bit oddly.

When Lucy’s pictures popped up originally, I was surprised that she didn’t have clear hair. It’s something of a signature for the line now, and it seemed odd to exclude it on Lucy. However, she DOES have clear hair! It’s just painted so well that it seems solid, but you can tell when the light hits it. It adds a nice and very subtle lightness to her hair.

Like many of the figures in this line, Lucy is quite busty. However they managed to make her look more natural, and without the gravity-defying boobs of figures like Catwoman or Ms. Marvel.

Let’s talk for a minute about Lucy’s outfit. The ripped pants, cropped top, girlie color combo and exposed thong makes for quite a combo, but it seems like not everyone was happy with it. It’s certainly different from what we have seen so far from the Bishoujo line, and while it might seem like a step in a different direction it definitely seems in line with the mission statement, which is about “cute, sexy girls.” How do you make a Ghostbuster sexy? Well, arguably you don’t need to rip her clothing up, but the rest of the design choices make sense to me.

I particularly like the pink, yellow and blue accents but that’s because I like girlie colors. I don’t mind that they pop against the tan outfit because, let’s face it, it’s not very interesting on its own. The ripped pants seem like a play on chaps, and they’re actually quite cute in person. That leaves the pink thong — at first, I really didn’t like the design choice. I found it tacky and unnecessary, but when I actually got the figure in person it just seemed like a refreshing burst of color. Not everyone is going to like it, but I don’t count it as a negative aspect of the figure.

Lucy’s butt seems less, err, prominent than on the other figures in the line. It’s not exactly flat, but she’s not packing a whole lot back there! This is also the only area on my figure that had a QC problem — the left pant leg doesn’t entirely connect to her belt. I’d be pretty upset if this happened on the front of the figure but as it is, it’s on a side of her I never see. Still, it can be a bit distracting if you happen to catch a glimpse of it.

The proton pack is very nicely detailed, with lots of small sculpted bits. It’s a pretty impressive weapon! In fact, she’s one of the few Bishoujos to actually be wielding a weapon. I wonder if that will change when they start unveiling the rest of this line?

Lucy’s base is just awesome. It’s got the Ghostbusters logo and some spiffy equipment, and it’s also nicely textured. It really adds a lot to the figure!

I ended up liking Lucy a lot more than I thought I would, and I think she’s an excellent start to the new line. The Bishoujo x Movie crossover has a lot of potential, and I’m more excited for it after finally owning the first piece in the line! While she has some questionable wardrobe choices and a small QC mishap, she’s still an excellent figure that fits in perfectly with Kotobukiya’s quickly expanding Bishoujo line.

Thanks to Stephen Donaldson for taking these shots! When we were deciding where to shoot her I immediately though of a jungle-like setting, because to me her outfit reminds me of a safari. Yeah, she’s a Ghostbuster in a city, but the khaki just screams jungle adventures to me!

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing us with this review sample]


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