Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s Sebastian Michaelis Cu-Poche

Kotobukiya’s action figure Cu-Poche line has been booming lately. It seems like only yesterday that we were photographing the Dark Magician Girl Cu-Poche, but it was almost 4 years ago! Time sure flies when you’re getting old, amirite?

Today we are looking at Sebastian from Black Butler, everyone’s favorite demon housekeeper. Sebastian is one of those few male characters who manages to cling onto popularity long after his first hit the figure scene. In fact, Koto even did a scaled figure of him a short while back! But how will this handsome lil devil hold up in chibi form? Hit the jump and let’s find out!

Like most chibi action figures, Sebastian is very easy to set up. Remove some plastic wrappings, stick him on the base, and voila! I’ve mentioned this before, but I adore the magnetic bases on this line. I find the whole stick-a-plastic-stand in their back aspect very annoying and frustrating to work with, especially when posting, and these are just so much better. Sebastian is also stable enough to stand base-less if you have a pose with both feet on the ground.

Sebastian’s standard face is a little smug looking. It’s definitely the most normal of the three, but still full of personality. I like when the base face is still useful for posing and setting up scenes: sometimes it feels like 90% of chibi figures just have a super generic smiling faceplates.

While the focus on action figures is on the posting and extras rather than the detailed sculpting, Sebastian has some nice detail work. All his lil buttons are there! And so shiny and metallic.

Like the rest of the Cu-Poche line, he has slightly more realistic body proportions than some other chibi figures, which gives you a lot more options for joints & posing. They’re generally quite easy to pose, since the lanky bodies make balancing much easier.

His second face is extra smug. A little cheeky even! So sassy, so Sebastian. He also comes with a LOT of extra hands: here we’ve got a pointing finger and a flatter “bitch please” hand.

It’s definitely my favorite of the three faces. I mean, just look at it. Do I need an explanation here. Bonus: his holding hands also function as thumbs-up.

The third face is totally psycho, and he comes with knife-wielding hands to go with it. Well, one knife-wielding hand and one fork-wielding hand. I’ve never actually been stabbed by a fork but I’m sure it hurts quite a bit.

RIP Toothless

If you want more forms of violence, there are punchy hands! My brother’s wildly extensive Gundam collection has this crazy green-gold shiny as hell guy in it. How cool is he?! Will he defeat Sebastian in hand-to-hand combat? Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z.

It’s not a Sebastian photoshoot without a tea party, right? Finally my ReMent hoarding has paid off.

I hope you all appreciate that the cat has a cat mug and the bunny has a bunny mug.

As a side note, Sebastian is for the most part very easy to pose but his coattails get in the way if you want to do something seated. Thankfully he bends quite well so he can still get to his tea-party hosting duties.

There are a lot of Sebastian figures for you to choose from, but if you want something cute yet poseable I think this an excellent choice. He’s got a good selection of faces and hands, the poseability is awesome, and the quality is great. Super crisp paint and lovely sculpting.

Stephen and I had SO much fun setting up this shoot, finding props and getting him in cute poses. Usually I don’t find putting together sets or holding lamps for him very interesting but this was a blast. Maybe we should do more sets with poseable figures?

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Plastikitty with this review sample]


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