Plastikitty Review: Kotobukiya’s Tekken Bishoujo Christie Monteiro

The Tekken Bihsoujo line was announced 7 months ago, and since then we’ve seen quite a few new additions and not so many sculpts. Christie was slated to be the first release (the next being Alisa in May), and as the first glimpse we’d see of the finished line her quality would pretty much dictate people’s expectations for all the other figures.

Christie is actually full of firsts: the first Tekken Bishoujo, the first game bishoujo, the first tan girl in the bish line. My expectations for her were pretty high, based in part on my love of butt-kicking girls and also because of the lovely look we got at SDCC. So how did the final version stack up? Hit the jump and let’s get started!

Much like Lucy, Christie changes up the Bish box formula a little with a black color palette. It’s a bit more sophisticated but still sticks with the Bishoujo formula, so if for some reason you display your figures in boxes she will match!

Christie’s assembly is, well, nonexistent! She’s screwed into the base so you just have to unwrap all the plastic around her. Be careful doing this, as certain parts (especially the hair!) are incredibly fragile. The chords around her waist are, however, bendable, so you don’t have to worry about them!

Christie’s pose is a bit different from the other Bishoujos, but it fits her fighting game origins. It looks as if she’s spinning around in battle, perhaps after dealing a particularly crippling blow or dodging one! It has the benefit of giving you a view of all of Christie’s… assets, but it also adds a nice sense of motion and a liveliness to the figure.

Christie’s face still looks like a Shunya design, but it’s changed from the art–in the illustration she was rather doe-eyed and perky, while her face here seems more determined. I like the change, as it fits her pose much better and also seems truer to what I know about her character.

The only downside is that her eyes are less large than the illustration, which combined with the big bangs and a downward-looking head makes it hard to get a perfect angle on her face if she’s low down. She’s definitely better displayed either at or above eye-level.

Christie has the classic clear Bishoujo hair that fades to clear at the tips, which is one of my favorite elements of the line. But thankfully they don’t sacrifice the sculpt at all to achieve this–her bangs in particular are very nicely done, and you get that nice pulled-back ponytail effect.

One of the more controversial aspects of this figure was the bust–or rather, how it looked in the top. Personally I don’t have any issue with it. She doesn’t have floating-boob syndrome, and while they’re big they are reasonably constrained by the fabric. Is it realistic? Not fully, but if you are expecting realistic anatomy from a character from Tekken I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

A unique aspect of Christie is how tan she is–she’s the first tan Bishoujo, and it can be a hard look to pull off on a figure. It’s easy to make a figure look orange or dirty, but thankfully Christie suffers from neither of these. It’s a nice even tone of light brown, and it really makes the metallic part of her outfits pop.

While her bust might not be that realistic, the sculpting on the rest of her body is amazing. The lines and details on her back are really spectacular, which is good because it’s front and center! They’ve even given her a little body fat, and you can see that she’s a bit squished by her tight pants. It’s nice to see this element of realism on a figure, and it gives her a really feminine feel.

The Bishoujo line is all about butts, and given Christie’s origins and pose she deserves a magnificent one to continue the fine line of Bish booties. Shunya and the sculptor definitely delivered on this aspect–Chrisite’s butt is nothing short of magnificent. It kind of overshadows the nice details on her outfit in this area, like the delicate butterfly and the woven belt.

Christie may not have full pants, but they certainly didn’t skip on the details on her leggings! The scales look fantastic and the colors are nice and vibrant. Overall Chrisite’s design has a ton of detail and color, despite how skimpy it might be. There’s silver, gold, purple, green, pink, orange, and black–a lot of color for such a tiny outfit! But it’s not overbearing or overly vibrant as it’s really only small pops of color, and I think her tan skin really helps them all stand out.

Christie’s base is quite different from the rest of the Bishoujo line and more resembles the bases that came with Kotobukiya’s OreImo figures. It’s a clear disk that you can insert several decals into–one has the art on it, one has the logo, and another has signatures! It’s a nice customization option, and you can also to display it blank.

Christie is a great start to the Tekken line–her outfit is more elaborate than the rest of the Bishoujo girls and she’s wonderfully colorful. She also has an amazing body sculpt, and after getting her I am looking forward to Alisa even more! None of the other girls have been sculpted but if they are all as nice as Christie this is really going to give the comic line a run for its money.

Thanks to Stephen for taking these pictures! Picking out a background was fun–we wanted something to match her vivacious personality but we couldn’t resist whipping out the “disco ball” look as well to go with her snazzy pants.

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[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Plastikitty with this review sample]


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