Plastikitty Review: Samkin J Lamkin


Sometimes it seems like no toy is ever really perfect. Like no one figure can meet all your expectations. A character you love, modeled and sculpted to perfection with an accurate face, great detailing, AND one that is fully poseable that won’t break down due to wear and tear after a month? That also has a reasonable price? It can’t be done, you say! Oh, well, I think it can.

We here at Plastikitty have found the solution to this figure dilemma. Get a live one. In fact, it turns out the perfect figure has been under our noses this whole time. So today, we will be reviewing the pinnacle of figure success: my Cat™, Samkin. Hit the jump to get this party started!

Majestic Samkin

The best thing about a Cat™? No packaging! And much like with vinyl, there are rare versions. Samkin happens to be a chase color: Champagne tabby! Of course the common color variants are nice too, but we all know that collector drive to snag a rare kitten.

Majestic Samkin

Samkin is fully poseable and stands with no base. He walks around with no base, too, and don’t try to put him on a shelf: he won’t stay there for very long.

Majestic Samkin

Ahh, just look at that swagger. Watch out, ladies.

Majestic Samkin

Because of the huge variation in Cat™ Figures, each one is bound to have some special features. Sam comes with extra squishy paws and side-butt fluff.

Majestic Samkin

From behind, though, his butt still looks sleek and smooth. And we all know how important butts are on figures!

Majestic Samkin

He also comes pre-programmed with a huge variety of expressions! It would be impossible to cover them all here, so I will go over some of the basics. This is my personal favorite, the “I’m the happiest motherfucker on the planet” face.

Majestic Samkin

This is the “ugh you’re bothering me” face.

Majestic Samkin

And finally, the “omg Mom stop pointing the camera at me please” face.

Majestic Samkin

Another huge bonus of having a Cat™ is that they are self-cleaning! No messy baths, unless they get fleas.

Corny photobomb

But sometimes, one Cat™ is not enough! Here you can see Samkin being photobombed by his brother Cornelius. That’s right, Samkin is part of a set! One of three, actually.

Cornelius is high

Behold, the mighty Cornelius in action.

Cornelius Loaf

Why yes, he does always look a little high!

Maddy cubs

The third member of the set is Madeline. Like Samkin, she is a rare colorway: grey tortoiseshell!


She’s a little chubs.

Maddy Butt

And awkward.

OMG it's Maddy

But also super adorable.

Majestic Samkin

Majestic Samkin


So how can you know if a Cat™ is the right figure for you? If you like soft fuzzy cute things that make stupid faces, go get one. If you are an evil devil who hates Cats™ it’s probably not the right decision but you also might not have a soul so you should go get that checked out.

Purchase At: Your local animal shelter!


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