Plastikitty Wishlist: Kotobukiya x Shunya Yamashita’s Bishoujos


There are a lot of ladies in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo collaboration with Shunya Yamashita. How many, exactly? Well counting recolors and announced figures, a whopping 55! Considering that they only started up in 2009, they’re coming out at an almost unprecedented speed. Probably because there’s just so much ground to cover: we’ve got the original comic girls as well as characters from video games and movie franchises. The possibilities are almost endless!

Of course every fan of the line has a long list of characters they’d like to see done up by Shunya, Stephen and I decided to compile a list of our biggest wants, with guest appearances from our Bishoujo-addicted staff members Chris and Mir! Check them all out after the jump.

Leah’s Wishes


Death from The Sandman: So far in the comic line we’ve only gotten superheroines from DC and Marvel. Death is far from a superhero but considering what a huge fan-favorite she is I don’t think it’s a stretch to see her as part of the line! I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to own this? As long as Shunya could keep her strictly on the tasteful side, which after Jaina I’m not worried about at all.


Uhura from Star Trek: As a kid, Uhura was my idol. Beautiful, super smart, stylish and totally kickass. And we have Star Wars Bishoujos, so why not some from the totally better Star Trek? Yes, I am a Trekkie and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I think Uhura is everything the Bishoujo line exemplifies: a strong sexy women, and though it’d be a bit unusual for Shunya to take on a real person instead of an illustrated character I’d totally die if this ever happened.


Morrigan from Vampire Savior: Morrigan looks like she was designed just so Shunya could draw her. In fact… he already has! However I’m not a fan of his past art of the succubus: she just looks… childlike in the face and a bit odd. I think Vampire Savior as a whole would be a great addition to the Game Bishoujos, but of course Morrigan would have to be the first addition. And Shunya could go crazy with her: it’s not like you can tart her up much more than she already has been. Also… I really really want a winged Shunya girl.


Lady Shiva from DC: We’ve gotten a ton of DC ladies already, but many of my favorites haven’t made it into the line yet. Like Lady Shiva! Sure she’s a bad guy but she’s totally bitchin. Actually I would pick Cass Cain over Lady Shiva, but considering that Cass has been permanently shelved (at least for the moment) by DC that is never going to happen. Lady Shiva, though, I’d love to see in the line. And she has so many outfits to pick from! Endless recolors & resculpts!


BlazBlue Bishoujos: There are a few franchises in the Game Bishoujo line already, and it’s clear they are going for fighting games. Not surprising, given how many scantily clad women they all feature. And what could be a better fit for this than BlazBlue? Tons upon tons of ladies in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of increasingly crazy outfits and designs. I would take literally any girl from this universe, they’re all so perfect for Shunya’s style.

Stephen’s Wishes


A Tron Bishoujo: Be it Quorra or one of the other gals from Legacy, this would be super awesome. Considering that Koto has been working with many of Disney’s sub-groups as well, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to happen either. I’d love to see Shunya’s take on the skin tight suits and add in some light-up effects and you’d have one amazing figure.


Chell from Portal: Kotobukiya has been expanding their video game figures quite a bit recently and considering the giant popularity of Portal as well as the fact that Valve actually licenses out their properties for merchandising makes this a perfect fit. Chell is incredibly popular and, yes, she does kind of look like Jaina, but I feel like Shunya could pull off something different for her. Add in a light up Portal gun and people would go bonkers for her.


Dazzler from Marvel: Well, Kotobukiya and Shunya seem to have already taken on a large chunk of the Marvel universe, but one character that would fit the bill perfectly is Dazzler. I mean, she’s got crazy disco-ball clothes a large chunk of the time and roller skates and a figure that Shunya could really show off. It’s such a no brainer.


Talim from Soul Calibur: The Tekken bishoujo line has been moving along quite well with a ton of releases, but personally, I prefer a different Namco fighting game much more: Soul Calibur. To that end, my favorite of the characters is without a doubt Talim, who is just adorable. I know Shunya is known for sexifying things, but I feel like he’d be able to pull off a more cutesy Talim in a bishoujo line that would work well.

Chris’ Wishes


DC’s Lady Blackhawk: For the main reason that she’s pretty much tailor made for Shunya’s style. She is a pin-up model and a warrior and everything about that screams that she needs to be part of this line, especially with the rest of the birds already being here in some form: Huntress, Batgirl, and Black Canary. Zinda, you need to be here, with a shotgun and why hasn’t that happened yet?


Marvel’s Mockingbird: It was a fight in my head to pick between her and Firestar but in the end I really have to go with the gal who really became one of my favorite character in the last few years. It’s also another one that I feel is suited to the line and I’d like to see what Shunya could do with her.

Mir’s Wishes


EDI (Enhanced Defense Intelligence) from Mass Effect 3: While EDI was a great side character in Mass Effect 2 as the ship’s sassy AI that annoyed the pilot to no end, in Mass Effect 3 she gains a sleek robotic body and becomes a member of the player character’s squad. A statue of EDI would be an excellent chance to show off some paint work that I don’t think is seen a lot in statues: not necessarily a chrome finish, but something nice and matte with a bit of a shine in the right light. Some transparent PVC for her eye piece and a gun (or even not!) would make her an excellent addition to the already existing set, along with alien archaeologist Liara T’Soni and space heroine Commander Shepard.


Mercury (Cessily Kincaid) from New X-Men: Originally one of the Hellions squad back in the 2004 title X-Men: Academy X, Mercury is a teenage girl whose body is made of malleable metal, meaning that she can take a liquid form and, to some degree, shapeshift. Though I’d prefer more shine on her than on EDI, my only qualm about a bishoujo-style statue of Mercury is that she is still a teenager–and as such, they shouldn’t oversexualize her like some of the bishoujo tend to get. Whatever pose she gets put into should be something cute and perky, but something that shows off just how fierce she is as a member of the X-Team, too.

So that’s it for us! Agree, disagree, think our choices are the best ever and/or totally stupid? Let us know in the comments, along with the Bishoujos you are wishing for!

Super Extra Bonus Wish


Michonne from The Walking Dead: COME ONE WHO WOULD NOT WANT THIS. I mean really. Michonne is the best and you know it.

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