Plastikitty Wishlist: Summer Wonder Festival 2013


Sometimes I think I could write pretty much anything in the intro to Wonder Fest Wishlists and it wouldn’t matter. I mean, everything you need is right there in the title–it’s a wishlist. For Summer Wonder Festival 2013. We’re gonna make some wishes… for figures… we wanna see at Summer Wonder Festival.

So the other day Stephen and I went to 7-11 and Ben & Jerry’s was on sale–2 pints for 5 bucks! So cheap! So we each got one. Mine was Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and he dared me to eat the whole thing in one sitting while we watched a movie (Session 9) and I couldn’t. And he laughed at me! I know, right. I was so ashamed. What kind of person can’t finish a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. What’s that you say? Why am I telling this totally random story? Well why are you reading this totally pointless intro?!?!? Hit the jump for god’s sake!

Leah’s Wishes


Junpei from ANYONE: I had given up on any more figures from Persona 3–or at least, any figures that were not of  a certain robot lady. But due to the success of Persona 4 Arena (which features characters from 3) and the upcoming movie, we’ve been seeing more and more figures from the game. So it’s time for Junpei! He needs to shine! I’d like a figure from Alter, but if MegaHouse makes him we’re more likely to get Hermes as well… hmm… how about both? And a Nendo? And figma?


Semiramis, preferably from Alter: Fun fact: my autocorrect changes tiramisu to Semiramis. Yes, an ancient mythical Babylonian queen is TOTALLY what I meant, not a popular Italian dessert. But it’s clearly a sign–Semiramis is my spirit animal. JUST LOOK AT HER. She’s perfect! Everything I want to be and more. Evil, kind of goth hot elf babe, oh yes. So I need a figure of her. Fate/Apocrypha has twice as many characters so her chances are slim so I’m kind of worried–please, Alter, hear my prayers! Or AlphaMax or Phat! Company or Good Smile Company…


MegaHouses’ Mermaid Princess Teena Sculpt: We are pretty much guaranteed to get a figure of Mermaid Princess Teena, since MegaHouse hinted at it so heavily in past magazine scans. I love mermaid girls and figures of them are so rare, so I’d love to see her sculpt pop up at Wonder Festival. PLUS ELF EARS. And I’m really hoping she is the same size as Shirahoshi, since her cool colors would balance so wonderfully with Shira’s warm tones.


Angel Miku from Max Factory: One of Miku’s many, many outfits from Project Diva has been a cute little Angel getup. Good Smile and Max Factory tend to announce a Miku pretty much at every Wonder Festival, so this time I’m hoping it’s one with wings! Unlikely, since it’s an older variant, but I did get it right last time… so it’d be nice to get it twice in a row! And seeing as how the Miku figma 200 has wings, it’s not THAT crazy, right? Right? ;~;


A Duo of Tony Taka Ladies: AlphaMax has been going crazy with the Tony Taka art recently, taking on everything from calendar illustrations to game characters to pretty obscure artwork. So I’m gonna go totally out of left field her and pick my own totally obscure artwork! AlphaMax has never done a “duo” figure before–in fact they’re very rare no matter what company you are talking about–but oh my god I would kill a man for these yukata-clad ladies. Possibly several men, who knows!

Stephen’s Wishes


A Dynamic Mikasa from Attack on Titan: I really hope that Alter gets their hands on the license for Attack on Titan and announces a dynamic pose Mikasa. Mikasa is such a badass, Attack on Titan is as popular as shows come, and I feel like Alter is still the best company hands down when it comes to action poses. Yeah, yeah, we’ll probably have one announced by Good Smile Company, but if the last like two years are any indication of what it’ll wind up being like it’ll be ¥12,800 for a 1/8th scale figure that’s actually 1/9th scale and was half-assed in the sculpting stage to rush out ten bajillion production pieces that’ll hit the bargain bin. So this is my plea for Alter to get the license and save us all from that hell.


Nendoroid K.K. Slider & Tom Nook: So yeah, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last like month or so, you know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the greatest thing since sliced bread and has the whole world addicted. We’ve already got a Nendoroid of Isabelle coming, but why nothing of the game’s slave-driving shop owner and famous musical dog? K.K. Slider has been the face of the games since like day one for some reason and it’d be awesome to have him with his guitar, sunglasses, and hat in Nendoroid form. I’d also love to see Tom Nook (as much as we all hate the little tanooki bastard…) along with Nendoroid Petits of Timmy and Tommy and maybe a bag of bells or something… because we all know how much of a hard on he’s got for those.


Daft Punk Nendoroids: We’ve gotten Be@rbricks, Real Action Heroes, and now S.H. Figuarts of the duo, but people still want something more affordable and fun and what better option than Nendoroids? Linkin Park has been Nendroid-ified along with many Japanese pop stars and with the recent media and marketing blitz for Random Access Memories it just makes sense to put the flashy robots into chibi-form. Slap in some fun accessories (provided Good Smile Company can jog their memory and go back to when they actually did that for Nendoroids) and we’re set for the perfect budget-priced toy of the humans-turned-robots.


Marth from Max Factory: Max Factory is already working on a Marth figma and a scaled figure of Tharja, but why not Marth him, or rather *SPOILER*her*END SPOILER* self? Marth is such a badass character and Fire Emblem: Awakening exploded in popularity this year. Add in the upcoming crossover game with the Shin Megami Tensei universe as well as the upcoming Super Smash Bros games and it just makes sense to make a figure of Marth. *SPOILER*And it’s not like anyone could complain that it’s not a female figure and won’t sell well…*END SPOILER*.


Ash Ketchum P! GEM from MegaHouse: Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, have all received quite a bit of love in the way of figure treatment, and, yes, to an extent, Pokemon has too, but why do we not have a scaled figure of our loveable idiot protagonist Ash Ketchum? I’d love to have a well made figure of Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder because, well, who the hell wouldn’t? I mean friggin Matt from Digimon has a figure announced already and not Ash Ketchum? This needs to be fixed immediately.

Leah: Totally unrelated to anything but I read that end sentence as “Matt Damon has a figure announced already.” Hey Koto, how about… hot actor Bishonens?

Missy’s Wish


Cu-Poche Gall Force & Bubblegum Crisis: 2013 has seen quite the resurgence of classic anime titles. While I’m over the moon for Bandai’s Sailor Moon line and Good Smile’s Nendoroid Sakura and Petit Macross set, I would literally do anything to get new merch of Gall Force and Bubblegum Crisis. Kotobukiya’s Cu-Poche line would be perfect for the super deformed versions of these badass ladies from the slapstick “Ten Little Gall Force” and “Scramble Wars” OVAs. I can’t think of anything more adorable than chibi Knight Sabers battling the crew of the Star Leaf on my shelves. It’s a long shot, but I’m hoping Koto makes my dreams come true!


Welp, that’s it for us this year. What do you think of our wishes, and what are yours? Let us know in the comments!


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