Plastikitty’s Favorite Figures of 2014


Can you believe that 2014 is over? Probably, since we all wanted to get rid of it. Every New Year it’s the same thing: we say good riddance to the year past and hope for a great start in the next year. Yet in 12 month’s time, we’re back saying the same thing. Does anyone EVER have a really great year? Is anyone there like “aww, I’ll miss you 2014.” Probably not.

But you know what it WAS a good year for? Figures. I know I say that every year but hey, I get stuff I like every year. Thus, a good year for figures! As always, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane and saying hello to all our favorites of 2014. So hit the jump and let’s get this party started!

[Note: this list is for scaled PVC figures only: no vinyl, no action figures, no re-releases. Also, figures are listed alphabetically by name, not by a valued rank]

Runner Ups


SEGA’s Uniform Version Asuka Langley Sooryu: I know, a prize figure on the list?! But let me tell you, I am absolutely obsessed with this figure of Asuka. I mean, I have so so many figures of her (like 50, it’s shameful) but this is one of my favorites. The detail and quality is astounding for a prize figure, and SEGA continues to blow me away with their Evangelion line. But honestly, can they come up with one that tops this version? For me, I doubt it!


Good Smile Company’s Rin Shibuya & Uzuki Shimamura: I’m riding the IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls train like everyone else right now, and while I overall prefer Phat! Company’s takes on the girls I am IN LOVE with these two figures. Rin is currently sitting atop a pile of makeup palettes, guarding my treasure. Because who would disturb that cutie?! The sculpting on these two is out of this world, as you’d expect with GSC, but what really impressed me was how much personality they exude. Rin looks confident and perky, Uzuki is possibly the most cheerful figure I own. even though they are on the small side, they definitely make an impression on a shelf.

Favorite Figures of 2014


Orchid Seed’s Bikini Alleyne: Alleyne is my second-favorite Queen’s Blade girl (Ymir being #1 in my heart), and I feel she’s woefully underrepresented in the figure world. Just compare her number of figures to Cattleya! A crime against humanity, that’s what it is. So when Orchid Seed announced a figure of her all those years ago I went bananas. Orchid is my favorite company when it comes to curvier girls, so this was the perfect matchup–and did they ever deliver! Alleyne is everything you’d want, including HUGE. I really love 1/6 scale.


Alter’s Evangelion Q Asuka Langley Sooryu: Is this a surprise to anyone? I mean, it’s my favorite anime character from my favorite company, in my favorite of her outfits. Showing off the booty. Basically, it’s the figure of my dreams. Grumpy cat-hat Asuka. My life is now complete: I never have to purchase another figure because this is the one for me.


Max Factory’s Cerberus: Shingeki no Bahamut got some figures before the anime aired, and both of them are on this list because hot damn do I love the character design. I mean, Cerberus is a twintailed cat demon with fluffy dogs for hands. Max Factory did an insanely good job rendering her face from the art, and overall while she’s on the simpler side when it comes to poses there’s something about this piece that really draws me in every time I see her.


Kotobukiya’s Dark Angel Olivia: The second Bahamut figure! Given our review, I’m sure no one is shocked at her ending up here. I mean, she’s huge, she has wings, there’s clear PVC out the ass. In other words, perfection. My mom only got two figures this year, and this was one of them because everyone adores Olivia. EVERYONE.


AlphaMax’s Kotone Kamishiro: This was a slow slow year for NSFW figures, at least in my household. Orchid Seed did mainly totally displayable girls, I didn’t order a single thing from Native, I missed out on the Daiki Tony Taka soldier girl. But AlphaMax is always here to save the day! Honestly, they’ve now topped Orchid and Native as my favorite producer of NSFW girls, and it was really hard to pick just one of their for this list. And she’s not a Tony Taka figure, can you believe it? But come on, this hair wins every day. All day long. So pretty!


Max Factory’s Momo Belia Deviluke: I have such a soft spot for pink hair, it’s absurd. Yet I got almost no pink-haired girls this year: what’s up with that? Who knows. But in any case, I did get at least one (non-Soniko) pink-haired cutie this year. I love lingerie figures and they seem so hard to come by, so imagine my excitement when Max Factory started producing them! And girls with demon tails, no less.


FREEing’s Yukata Version Saber Alter: This probably seems like an odd choice to most people, but after shooting Saber Alter I am so in love it’s not even funny. She’s a super tiny figure but she’s brimming with personality and atmosphere: I think the official shots do her no justice. This might be one you really have to see in person to “get” because honestly, I wasn’t that fond of the promotional shots and just got her to complete the set. However, she’s blown the rest of them out of the water and claimed a rightful spot on our favorites list!


AlphaMax’s Saber Bride: This was a controversial figure, to say the least. People didn’t like the pose, the boobs, the face. Obviously, these were not issues for me. I love Saber Bride more than I should (I mean, so unoriginal and tacky, come on now) and this is my favorite figure rendition of her. Yes, more than the Medicom and GSC ones for sure. She’s just got that AlphaMax softness that I absolutely love.


Orchid Seed’s Cheerleader Soniko: Could we have a favorites list without Soniko? I don’t think so. In fact we have two this year! The first is, obviously, Orchid Seed’s long-awaited Cheerleader version. The 1/5 one was on our list last year, and I really think Orchid is the best at making figures of her. They don’t slim her down or inflate her bust, and they managed to make one of the very few happy-looking figures of miss Soniko.


Alter’s Summer Santa Soniko: Usually we have a firm “no recolors” rule on the favorites list, but that went out the window for this girl. Yes, I wasn’t overly fond of the original (something about the bikini, pose, and Santa hat combo) but I am in LOVE with this one. The blue tones lighten it up and make her more fresh and appealing. This was an expensive figure with proxy fees, but worth every cent.


Alter’s Sora Kasugano: Another Alter figure, oh my! Alter’s original Sora was on our very first Favorites List, and given that this one is 10x as nice in terms of sculpting and quality… of course she’s making an appearance! I love love love Sora and this is by far my favorite figure of her. I mean, the dress and hair combined with that facial expression. What’s not to love?

That’s right, we had 11 favorites this year! Because I couldn’t cut one out. Alter was the winner this year with 3 favorites, though tons of companies had two: Orchid Seed, Max Factory and AlphaMax. And surprisingly, not a single Good Smile Company on the top 11 list this year! This might be a first. I was tempted to include Deep Sea Miku but honestly, I’m so Miku’d out that she didn’t even end up making the Runner Up list.

Now we are off to work on the Golden Butt and Golden Boobie awards! Let us know what you liked on our list, and of course put your favorites in the comments!


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