Pokemon Nendoroids Ash & Gary Are Happening


The Pokemon Nendoroids sure have been coming fast & furious recently! Now it’s time for Fast & Furious: Kanto Drift. Cause we’re getting a kind of crazy announcement. So far all of the PokeNendos have been from the games rather than the anime, and did we think that would change? No, but we sure did hope. And our dreams have come true.

It’s Ash & Gary!! What!! Okay, let’s be honest, they look very quickly put together and kind of sloppy, but I’m too excited. Like all the rest, they’ll be limited + exclusive to the physical Pokemon stores and amazon.jp. And in the US, you can (hopefully) get it through the Pokemon Center US! Retail will be ¥7,500 for the set.

[UPDATE] Okay so maybe it’s Red & Green, not Ash & Gary. You guys are such heartbreakers!

[via Pokemon]


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