Prepare For Battle With Nendoroid Yamato


The Kantai Collection Nendoroids are coming out at a rather insane pace: we get more than one a month, and at this rate maybe they’ll actually power through the whole (anime) cast. Because there’s no way we’re getting all the game ship-girls. Personally, I want more bad girls (Northern Princess GSC, please), but Yamato is one of my favorite non-evil ships. I mean, I think she’s everyone’s… it’s the hair and umbrella, I think. SO CUTE. And, of course, her Nendoroid is absolutely massive: she comes with more weapon/ship/effect parts than any figure actually needs. But given what we usually see, it’s nice to see Good Smile going overboard for once.

Yamato comes with non-battle/ship parts too: her parasol, a bottle of ramune, and some omelette rice. Plus parts to turn her into Yamato Kai! Though I have to admit, Kahotan’s sleaze is getting out of control: “Iā€™m sure most eyes jumped right to her chest first.” Yes, because we’re all hopelessly attracted to tiny, deformed Nendo breasts. You got us. SIGH. Please tone it down, girl. Yamato goes up for order tonight, and orders from the GSC shop get a special stand: thank god they didn’t have her Kai parts or the embarrassed face as an exclusive, because she’s already going to cost an arm and a leg.

[via Kahotan]


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