Prepare For Cuteness With This New Neko Atsume Figure Set


I have talked at length about my love for Neko Atsume, which is only the world’s greatest game. Even though it sure is testing my patience right now by glitching out and stopping the new rare kitties from appearing, grumble grumble. But something like that doesn’t stop me from wanting all the kitty merchandise!

Today we’re taking a look at Bandai’s desktop figure set #2. Number 3 went up for order a little while ago, but these guys just came out! And it’s like a little cafe set, aww. So cute, so precious. Of course orders are no longer open for this one but they’re quite easy to snag on Yahoo Japan! and Rakuten if you have a proxy–and come on, we all know tiny kitties are worth the extra fees.

[via ToySanta]


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