Prepare For Heartbreak With The New Link figma


When we saw the sculpt for the A Link Between Worlds Link figma, I was hesitant. Mostly because of how unhappy I was with the paint on Link figma #1, but the new one showed up painted a short while ago and looked great! Good news for fans, right? And in these new promotional shots the paint looks even better. Plus my main worry (lack of accessories) seems to be fixed… right?

Well, if you look at the promo shots all together, it’s a ton of stuff. Sword, shield, some alternate faces, Baby Maimai, a pot, a bomb, a cool effect part, and a rupee. But don’t get too excited: all of the good stuff is with the DX version. The regular one, which will not be exclusive, has… sword, shield, & alt face. That’s it. All the cool stuff? Exclusive to GSC’s online shop. And while there was some initial confusion, the DX version WILL be available for international purchase in their shop. Price difference? ¥4,630 for the regular, ¥5,556 for exclusive. Which actually isn’t bad (1k for all that stuff!) but add in the lack of a discount + separate shipping and… ouch. But does anyone even want the regular version?! This is so frustrating. Orders open tonight so we can all cry together about how much we’ll have to spend.

[UPDATE] International partner shops have him up, so if you’re in the us you can snag him at Big Bad Toystore. However, the exchange rate they used is basically ¥100/$1 so it’s not priced that great. I assume this is because of the exclusive status, but it’s annoying as hell.

[via the figma blog]


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