Preview Alter’s Beautiful Shiki Ichinose

I am absolutely helpless against the onslaught of IDOLM@STER figures, especially if it’s one from Alter or Phat! Company’s lines. I just… I love their designs so very much. The pink, the frills, the over-the-top aesthetic. I eat it up with a spoon (as long as the price is reasonable, which is my main concern with this cutie).

This time around it’s my most anticipated IM@S girl from Alter: Shiki Ichinose! I love how unique her pose is, very creative… though you know she’s going to be a shelf hog because of it. And the level of detail is amazing! I mean, just admire the book. And her little cat-mouth, aww! Orders open tonight, and I can already feel myself hitting that pre-order button.

[via Alter’s Blog]


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