Preview Good Smile Company’s Albedo

The sculpt for Albedo was love at first sight for me. I am such a sucker for wings, and hers might be the nicest sculpted ones I’ve ever laid eyes on. I mean, the detail level is just absurd! So of course I was basically foaming at the mouth to see her painted and get that order in.

Well, that day is here and… I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. This is no fault of the figure: I’d never watched Overlord, so I thought her colors would be a bit more dramatic. White dress and black wings? I mean, it’s nice, but I feel like the white makes the sculpt look a little washed out. It also highlights one of my biggest pet peeves: clothing you can see a belly button through yet is magically not skintight anywhere else. Japan, why do you hurt me?

Albedo retails for ¥17,600 and is thankfully not an exclusive! Her release date is way off in December, so you have a long time to save up for this beauty.

Pre-Order At: HLJ | AmiAmi | GSC (bonus item)


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