Preview Good Smile Company’s Racing Miku 2012


At this point, there are about a million variations of Racing Miku but the space princess theme of 2012 is my favorite so far. I was totally enamored with FREEing’s 1/7 scale version of her, but many people seemed less than enthused so it was no shock when Good Smile announced their own, smaller Racing Miku: and they worked on her pretty fast, since she appeared at Wonder Festival!

This figure does have some really stunning features, like her dramatic twintails. But overall I have some issues with the sculpt: I think her face is way too round and I dislike that her torso is going one way but her legs another. In general, though, she’s definitely  cutie–though why we need to see her butt from every single angle is beyond me. She’ll retail for a cheap ¥8,800, and look out for all the order info in our weekly roundup!

[via Mikatan]


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