Preview Good Smile Company’s Saber Bride


Saber Bride is one of Saber’s many, many variations, but it’s the hot one right now. It seems like the figure world is always a few games behind when it comes to Saber designs, doesn’t it? Extra figures were coming out when everybody was buzzing about Bride, and now that there’s a newer Saber… it’s time for a million Brides! I actually own two already, AlphaMax and Medicom, but there’s always room for more right?

I have loved GSC’s older Saber figures, like their Alter and Lily, but I found their Saber Extra really disappointing and wasn’t really that excited for Bride. But I have to admit, she looks lovely! I love that we finally have a zipped-top version of her, and the pose is strong and confident. There’s so much detail in her outfit (including, of course, the butt-window) and her face is gorgeous. Orders open tonight!

[via Kahotan]


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