Preview Max Factory’s Kantai Collection Takao


I was pretty smitten with Max Factory’s last Kantai Collection figure, Atago (even with her crazy eyes), who is the “sister ship” to Takao. So of course I was expecting to love them both together! Though when we first saw her sculpt, I was instantly pretty skeptical. It just looks so much less intricate!

And sadly, my feelings hold true for the painted figure. For some reason, she’s just missing the spark that a lot of this line has. I also think the pose looks very odd and contrived. And of course, the Heavy Armament version is a Wonderful Hobby Selection exclusive (and probably massively expensive, given that the regular figure is ¥13,000). I’ve been much more selective with my figure purchases recently, so when orders open tonight this is an easy pass. What about you guys?

[via Kahotan]


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