PVC Pre-Order Roundup: 10/16~10/20

This week was an odd but interesting one for figure-orders. For the first half, we had literally nothing but NSFW figures and re-releases go up for order, which is unusual to say the least! Usually we get one or 2 NSFW figures per a roundup, but this week 4 went up within a few days of each other. Then we got spammed with surprise re-releases, one of which I really didn’t expect!

As the week went on we got some “normal” additions to the pre-order lineup, like a… very busty beach queen? Followed up by two figures who were both re-releases AND NSFW! What is this, boob week? Then, to round off the week, we got MORE RE-RELEASES. Thankfully, Kotobukiya must have seen what an odd week it was because they offered up some sexy boys. Funnily enough, it ended up not being the week of boobs or the week of re-releases, but the week of Griffon! Out of the 18 figures that went up for order, a whopping 7 of them were from Griffon. So what did we get this week? Hit the jump and find out!

Art Spirits

Musubi | 1/10 | ¥4,200 | January | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Leah: I have no idea who Art Spirits is, and while this is a very cute figure I am kind of on the fence. Mostly because of the date and my unfamiliarity with the company… I wish it was Wave, because with that scale I’d know exactly what I was getting!

Stephen: She’s cute, but personally I don’t see her as cute enough to add to my collection.

Embrace Japan

Cat & Chair | Non-Scale | ¥9,800 | February | NSFW

Hobby Search | HLJ | Otacute

Leah: Sometimes REALLY NSFW figures don’t make it to AmiAmi’s US site (read: Gigapulse). However, I find it odd that they picked this one to exclude, as she’s fully clothed and while suggestive it’s not full-on erotica. But man do I want this–her chair has cat ears. CAT EARS. And she’s from something called “Planet of the Cats” which sounds like a wonderfully cheesy sci-fi movie.

Stephen: I was really surprised when I saw this go up and saw that it wasn’t Native. This figure looks all around excellent with lots of little details and very high quality sculpting. That and cats. Cats make this a must.

Good Smile Company

Saber Alter (review) | 1/7 | ¥9,333 | December | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | Big In Japan | Otacute

Rin Tohsaka (review) | 1/7 | ¥8,380 | November | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | Big In Japan

Leah: More re-releases! I already have both of these (our reviews are linked) and I adore them. They’re kind of a must-buy if you’re a figure collector, so if you missed out before be sure to order them asap! These are also limited re-releases and have been selling out pretty quickly, but several stores still have them in stock.

Stephen: Rin and Saber Alter are two of my favorite figures from the last year so it’s great to see people that passed on them before have an opportunity to be able to buy them.


Reimu, Marisa, & Flandre | 1/8 | ¥6,800 | December | Exclusive & Re-release

Reimu: AmiAmi

Marisa: AmiAmi

Flandre: AmiAmi

Kanu Unchou | 1/7 | ¥8,500 | January | Re-release | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Ryomou Shimei | 1/7 | ¥6,980 | January | Re-release | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Mikuru Asahina | 1/7 | ¥8,500 | January | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Byakuren Hijiri | 1/8 | ¥8,200 | January | Exclusive


Leah: Re-releases are never a bad thing, but in this case I feel pretty neutral about most of Griffon’s 6 re-releases from this week. I have better figures of Reimu & Marisa, and if I get a Flandre I am going to go for Griffon’s 1/7 edition. Plus, December! And Mikuru, well, I really dislike her character and it’s prevented me from getting a lot of figures of her. The Ikkitousen girls I feel a bit differently about. Out of my 1,000+ PVC figures, I only own three from the uber-popular Ikkitousen. In part it’s because I want only the tasteful ones and a lot are tacky, but it is also because I started collecting PVC after Kanu-fever. Well, the Kanu here is cute, but I really love the combination of sexiness and cuteness in Ryomou. She might be coming home with me!

And then, as if we didn’t have enough Griffon figures this week, we got Byakuren too! I’ve already voiced my opinion this week, but I’ll leave it at this: of all the releases this week, I ordered 2. Byakuren is one of them.

Stephen: Byakuren is so amazing and I really like her; she’s the only thing from Griffon here that I feel is worth picking up. In re-release land though I really don’t feel like we’re getting anything special; it’s the older Touhou figures which had pretty spotty quality and weak sculpts and the same goes for that blobby Mikuru as well (legitimately I don’t think it remotely looks like her either). Ryomu and Kanu are both great, but as Leah said — December!


Miyuu | 1/6 | ¥9,800 | January | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Leah: I’m still amazed at the price on this–Kaitendoh’s candy resin is very expensive, so I don’t know how they priced a huge 1/6 figure WITH A BED made out of it at under 10k. I kind of want her for the props alone… I can just imagine penguin maid serving morning coffee Aya some tea on that bed.

Stephen: I have a few Kaitendoh candy resin figures and the quality is amazing. Miyuu here is quite adorable and I really can’t believe they were able to produce a figure in candy resin with ALL of this for so little.


Shiki & Akira | 1/8 | ¥6,800 | April/March

Shiki: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Akira: AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Liara T’Soni | 1/7 | ¥6,200 | April

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Leah: Kotobukiya had some great offerings this week–sexy boys and a tentacle-haired girl! What’s not to love? Akira and Shiki are really appealing, I don’t usually go for boy figures unless I know the character but these are a definite exception. And Liara… well, I loved her even when she had big boobs (what an odd statement!), so I will definitely be getting this and adding her to my Bishoujo collection.

Stephen: Kotobukiya offered up three awesome releases this week and I for one know I’ll be getting all three. Liara, who seems to be getting a lot of hate, looks quite great to me and I see nothing wrong with the fact that she’s from a US property; Shunya Yamashita is a fan and this is his interpretation and it’s a damn nice one at that. And guy figures. We always need more of those!


Yuuko | ¥3,800 | 1/10 | April

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Leah: I usually like additions to the Beach Queen line, even if I find the figure itself boring. They’re borderline-realistic representations of women and girls, with none of them really taking the sexy to over-the-top levels…. that is, until Yuuko. She really rubs me the wrong way for some reason, and that ridiculous swimsuit (which no busty girl in her right mind would wear) is just… ugh. Her uber-cutsey face and her ridiculously slim hips makes for a very odd combination with her giant breasts, and overall I find this figure really unappealing.

Stephen: Yuuko is pretty cute, but her body feels like it belongs on a different Beach Queen and they just decided to swap heads for release. Since I haven’t the faintest idea what Yuuko is from I’ll be passing.


Soniko Tropical Ver. | 1/6 | ¥8,800 | March | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search | HLJ

Leah: No one knows exactly what “Wing” is, but theory has it that they are what Native is to Max Factory (aka an excuse for GSC to make NSFW figures). Whoever they are, I really love this version of Soniko and she looks quite… meaty. However, where’s the tan? The original illustration has her nice and golden with some cute tanlines, which seems like an odd omission.

Stephen: Soniko! I love Soniko figures and I really like this Wing addition. Soniko’s face has a different feel than in most other figures of her, but it’s still very true to her character and very true to the original artwork. I really hope we get a tan version as well… Here’s hoping they don’t decide to do that for WonFest though.


Mercedes | 1/6 | ¥7,800 | November | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: I was almost tempted to order this, because I own Velvet and have Gwen on order, but then I remembered what happened with the first release AND the first re-release (this is the second). She hit dirt-cheap prices in the bargain bin, and I feel like this will happen with the re-release, especially since she is set for next moth. Then again, when has Yamato ever put out a figure on time? Their Tamaki was delayed for 4 months, and Yukihime still hasn’t come out!

Stephen: I’ve had many opportunities to pick up this Mercedes and just haven’t and I don’t really know why. I feel like something is ever so slightly off about her body; she feels squat and her body pose is in a very downward and heavy position, two things I NEVER think of when I think about a little fairy. I think Alter’s version just got her daintiness so perfect that I don’t feel the need for a second Mercedes.

Well, that’s it for this week! Boobs and re-releases galore and Griffon goes bonkers offering up figures. What all did you order this week and what do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below!


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