PVC Pre-Order Roundup: 3/11~3/15


Welcome to the week of girls whose name starts with Y! We’ve got Yuki, Yui, Yumi and Yami. Yup, totally not confusing at all! While there are only ten figures this week we’ve got some really great (and very expensive) ones, ranging from painfully cute to totally badass to downright confusing. So check them all out after the jump!



Melty | 1/8 | ¥11,000 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search


Stephen: How can I NOT order this!? She’s so amazing and Sorbet looks great with her!

AmiAmi Zero


Yumi Sayaka | 1/7 | ¥11,700 | June | NSFW

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Leah: Ahaha what. I have no idea what is going on here.

Stephen: It’s like S&M gone wrong.



Masazumi Honda | 1/8 | ¥6,800 | June

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Leah: I still think she’s really cute! And not too expensive, though I do worry that she will end up on sale.

Stephen: She’s cute and well made, but just too weird for me to own.

CM’s Corporation


Nyaruko | 1/8 | ¥9,500 | June

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Leah: Why CM, why. Are you high? “Let’s recolor this cute figure we just did, bump up the price, give her a poop-brown outfit and a weird face… right after the original much better release comes out! Yeah!”

Stephen: Why did CM’s Corp think that putting a pseudo-Nendoroid face on a scaled figure would work out well? This is just weird.



Mu-12 | 1/8 | ¥14,000 | September

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: I still really wish she was more clothed but there’s no denying how amazing this figure is.

Stephen: Mu-12 looks really awesome; I just need to stop seeing her shoulder armor as dolphin heads though.



Satori & Koishi | 1/8 | ¥10,400 | May | Exclusive


Leah: Oh god the cuteness my arteries are clogged with sugar. Not only are they amazing, but this was originally a garage kit which means that Griffon might be picking up more Touhou kits in the future.

Stephen: Finally some cute Touhou figures again! I love this pair and for once we actually have a dynamic sculpt from Griffon!



Yui Takamura | 1/7 | ¥8,000 | June | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: It’s great to see a re-release of this, I missed her the first time around and her prices went up a lot!

Stephen: Pretty much what Leah said; she’s a stunning figure in person and her aftermarket price sucks, so this is a very welcome re-release.

Orchid Seed


Yuki | 1/7 | ¥8,800 | September | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: That face kills me every time. She will look great with our Sonikos!

Stephen: I can’t wait for Yuki; she came out great, her face is stunning, and Orchid Seed once again tried something new with her see-through shirt, and knocked it out of the park.

ques Q


Taiga Aisaka | 1/7 | ¥7,600 | July

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Eh, something about her just doesn’t do it for me like their other Taigas. Maybe the face?

Stephen: Her face just doesn’t look right AT ALL. Add in her weird ghost shirt thing floating behind her and I’m all around confused by this figure.



Golden Darkness | 1/8 | ¥8,800 | May

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: It’s great to see that Vertex redid the face after the complaints at WonFest. She looks much better now and I can’t wait for the set!

Stephen: Golden Darkness here looks really nice and her face came out much better than before.

Well, that’s it for our week of Y-named figures! This week everyone seems to be relatively scantily-clothed, so if that’s what you were looking for, you had some good choices. What all did you pick up this week and what are you hoping goes up soon? Let us know in the comments below!


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