PVC Pre-Order Roundup: 4/8~4/12

After a week’s hiatus, the roundup is back! We’ve got a really packed list of orders this week, with seemingly almost every company coming out of the woodwork to offer up some figures. There were some long-anticipated figures, surprise re-releases, things no one asked for, action figures, and even some boys! So hit the jump to check them all out.


Narumi Naruka | 1/4.5 | ¥15,800 | April | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Maybe if the price was smaller and they’d done a better job on her bust (which is too big and sloppily executed). I love the face, the hair, the pose, the tan skin… but not enough to drop so much money for an April release!

Stephen: April + giant + mediocre sculpt + expensive = instapass.


Narika | 1/8 | ¥7,800 | September | Re-release

Hobby Search (waitlist)

Flynn Scifo | 1/8 | ¥6,800 | August | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Narika is one of my grail figures, so I practically screamed when she went up for order–apparently a lot of other people did too, since she’s already sold out (though HobbySearch does have their waitlist open). Flynn I am so-so on, as I dislike the Altair line (except for Luke).

Stephen: I can’t believe that Narika finally received a re-release, she’s stunning and I’ve always wanted her so this is a perfect opportunity for Leah and me to pick her up. I also wound up grabbing Flynn just because I have Yuri on order as well and the two can’t be displayed without each other!


Yoshika & Mio | Armored Girls Project | ¥4,000 | August

Yoshika: AmiAmi

Mio: AmiAmi

Leah: I think this was a really odd choice for Bandai, especially Yoshika: we already have figmas of many of the Witches that honestly look a hell of a lot better. I’d get it if they started with the girls MF hasn’t worked on yet, but all-in-all this just seems strange.

Stephen: These don’t look that bad, but I’m confused as to why they exist when there’s already so many damn other figures of them, including the figma line, and the show’s popularity is finally starting to wane.


Kuroneko & Kirino | 1/8 | ¥8,000 | Summer

Kuroneko: AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Kirino: AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: I’ve been waiting for these two for a while! While they are on the more expensive side I doubt we can pass them up: they are definitely my favorite interpretation of Kirino & Kuroneko!

Stephen: I love Miyagawa’s round style on Kirino and Kuroneko here and, while a little pricier than most 1/8th scale figures, I think there’s no way I’ll be able to pass these up.

Embrace Japan

Princess Iron | 1/7 | ¥10,000 | July

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Another lovely figure from Embrace Japan!

Stephen: Embrace Japan, I’ve most certainly embraced your interesting figures and this one is no different.

Good Smile Company

Inori | 1/8 | ¥7,800 | September

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Another figure I’ve been dying to pre-order: Inori is just stunning, though note that she is on the small side and really closer to 1/9 than 1/8.

Stephen: Inori looks amazing, but I wish she were truly 1/8th scale instead of “slightly-larger-than-a-figma” 1/8th scale.


Yoko Asagiri | 1/7 | ¥7,600 | June

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Yuka Kazami | 1/8 | ¥7,400 | June | Exclusive


Leah: Yoko seems to be for fans of older shows, but I don’t personally find the sculpt very appealing. Yuka doesn’t wow me either: she’s definitely an improvement over the first version, but she’s not a Touhou gal who I feel a burning need to own.

Stephen: Neither of these do anything for me. Pass.


Kuroneko Regular & Limited Versions | 1/8 | ¥8,000 | July

Regular: AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Limited: AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: These don’t work on any level for me: the cast-off seams are atrocious and totally unnecessary, plus the face looks nothing like Kuroneko for me.

Stephen: That cast off is just so terribad.


Asuka Kazama | 1/7 | ¥6,200 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: While the changes to the face on this figure seem controversial, I for one am a fan of what they’ve done with Asuka: the Tekken Bishoujo line as a whole really seems miles above the comic line.

Stephen: Asuka actually looks like her original artwork, has all of her details fully sculpted, and has no weird awkward changes. The Tekken Bishoujou line is, hands down, miles ahead of both the DC and Marvel lines where there have been issues with all of those things previously mentioned (namely the face sculpts).

Max Factory

Yukiko Amagi | figma | ¥3,000 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: I love Yukiko, though I still feel like they slacked off a bit on her accessories and faces.

Stephen: Yukiko is looking great and I can’t wait to see more from Persona 4 in figma form!


Izumi | 1/8 | ¥7,200 | July | NSFW

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Yukiho Hagiwara | 1/7 | ¥6,800 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Akane Senri | 1/8 | ¥7,600 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Killua Zoldyck | 1/8 | ¥5,700 | July

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: MegaHouse likes to do their releases in a big cluserfuck instead of spacing them out, so we have a lot of stuff this week! Yukiho is my favorite of the bunch, and I feel like Izumi would make for an interesting photoshoot. Killua I don’t really feel one way or the other about, and unfortunately Akane looks very unfinished.

Stephen: Izumi looks really interesting; she reminds me of a cross between Gotou and Momohime, but I wish she were a little more refined. Yukiho is adorable and another great addition to the Idolm@ster line, as Leah said Akane looks unfinished, and Killua, while I’m glad to see as I really enjoy HunterXHunter, looks quite creepy and odd (rightfully so), but that hand just looks really… off…

Orchid Seed

Nanako | 1/8 | ¥6,800 | August

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Even though Orchid loves recolors, this isn’t one I expected: the first version of Nanako lingered in stores for a while, but this one is decidedly more SFW so I think she will sell better.

Stephen: I love Nanako a lot and have the first colorway, but I think I’ll need to go for this as well; the blue just works so damn well!


Saber Zero | 1/10 | ¥3,800 | October

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Miki Hoshii | 1/10 | ¥3,800 | April | Re-release

AmiAmi | Hobby Search

Leah: Saber Zero is everything a beach figure should be, but Miki seems just so-so and her release is also at the end of the month!

Stephen: Saber Zero is stunning, but Miki is just kind of meh. Considering how many Beach Queens they crap out, I’m glad I only have one addition this week.

Well, that’s it for this week! We had a few re-releases, a slew of new figures from Megahouse, two stunning pink-haired ladies, and a little bit of everything in between. What’d you pick up this week and what are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!


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