Racing Miku 2016 Will Cheer You On To Victory


When we first saw Racing Miku 2016’s design, I wasn’t the biggest fan. It’s a little busier than the Racing Mikus I love, and I thought the red and blue clashed a little But I quickly changed my tune when we saw the sculpt for Good Smile Company’s figure of her, because it was so enchanting and cute! I’m just smitten with that pose and all of the detailing.

She’s finally painted, and I’m even more in love. The coloring is bold and unusual, her face is adorable, and there are SO many details all over. Though some of them are a bit confusing–why is a sentient weight holding a can of Redbull? Truly a figure of many questions. She’s set for a September release and retails for ¥13,800, which is way less than I thought given her base and all the PVC her hair and umbrella need!

Pre-Order At: GSC | HLJ | AmiAmi


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