Rev Your Engines For Racing Saber


I love the aesthetic of racing queen figures, but we rarely get ones that aren’t Miku Hatsune. And man do we get a LOT of Racing Miku (not that I’m complaining about that–I love them all). But it seems like another perpetually popular character is taking a crack at the race scene–Fate/Stay Night‘s Saber!

I love the pose and sculpt for her, it’s super cute and well… maybe doesn’t fit her stoic personality, but that’s okay. I mean real Saber would never get in this outfit anyway! It’s make believe Saber who loves cars. She’s being manufactured by Stronger (which means she could or could not be an exclusive, it’s a mystery). In the art on the actual car we also have Rin and Saber Extra, so I think it’s a safe bet that this line will have at least two more additions.

[via Plus One]


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