Ride Into The New Year With Race Queen Rin Tohsaka


For reasons I don’t fully understand, I am a huge sucker for the Race Queens figure genre. They’re just so cute! I mean, I don’t like watching actual car racing, and the outfits don’t exactly suit my everyday style, so who knows what it is. But I am drawn to them like a moth to the flame. And I was particularly excited when Stronger showed off a racing Saber (which is now painted and in the gallery!).

But they’re not just doing Saber. And unlike 99% of companies, the next girl is not going to be another Saber variant (though I have no doubt they’ll get to that). It’s Rin! Finally, the best girl is getting some love. I adore her pose: it’s so cute and it looks like they actually put in some effort into how it’ll look paired with Saber.

[via plusone’s Twitter]


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