Rin & Len Kagamine Join The World Of Dolls


Ever since the announcement of Dollfie Dream Miku, I’ve been hoping for more Vocaloid dolls. Well actually, I’ve just been hoping for a DD Luka… and my dreams are not coming true, at least today. Kind of shockingly, they’re going to be making a DD Rin Kagamine next! Before Luka! Madness, I tell you. But hey, really great news if you’re a Rin fan–especially if she ends up being a pre-order doll, which seems likely since both the regular Miku and Snow Miku were.

Then we have a Len announcement. A… Dollfie Dream Len. What?! I mean, so far we’ve only had girl Dollfies, so this is a huge turn of events. Will we get more male DDs? DD Kaito?! I’M TOO EXCITED

[via Figure/gk]


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